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Télécharger NowPlaying – Music Facts (Gratuit) sur iPhone & iPad. Cette application iOS est dans la catégorie Musique sur l’App Store.
NowPlaying - Music FactsNowPlaying - Music FactsNowPlaying - Music FactsNowPlaying - Music FactsNowPlaying - Music FactsNowPlaying - Music FactsNowPlaying - Music FactsNowPlaying - Music FactsNowPlaying - Music FactsNowPlaying - Music FactsNowPlaying - Music FactsNowPlaying - Music Facts

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Version : 2.0.91

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 16.0 +

Taille : 108,95 Mo

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■ Discover fun facts & great details about music
Learn more about the song’s core. We’ll tell you all we know about the matched music— think editorial notes, location of recording, what awards they’ve won and even who played what instrument.

■ Harmonious interface
We’re your music display and source of information. That’s why we laser-focus on having the cleanest possible look. Our interface always matches songs’ aesthetics using album artwork, colours, and themes.

■ Automatically Detect via ShazamKit
We borrow the power of Shazam. We just add an extra layer of information about each song because music is entertainment, not background noise.

■ Unlock App Icons
NowPlaying challenge you to complete fun little tasks to unlock great alternative app icons. There are currently 19 different icons to unlock! (e.g. Listen to 15 songs from the ‘80s)

■ Apple Music Integration
Connect to Apple Music directly and take the hidden gems you re-discovered to the digital era. Connecting to Apple Music not only lets you save songs but also give you more insights about the music you’ve recently played outside of NowPlaying

■ Widget Support
Show the song you listened to last right on your home screen in a beautiful widget, and be able to re-read all about it at any time. With Always On mode on the widgets even update when NowPlaying finds a new song on the background

■ Other Features
– Drag and drop a music song in the app to learn more
– Pointer and shortcut support (iPadOS).
– Multi-window support (iPadOS)
– History of all your listening sessions
– Play a small preview of the song if you forgot what the song sounded like
– Connect your device to an external display (via AirPlay or Cable) and use a bigger screen to display what’s playing while all the information will be shown on your main device.
– Widgets of the last song recognised right on your home screen or pick your favourite song.
– Share song URL with friends.
– Search song on Discogs (largest vinyl database).
– Open song in Apple Music / Spotify / Tidal / YouTube Music or Deezer
– Kiosk Mode (Option to hide buttons for an even more minimalistic interface.)
– Setting to start looking for songs as soon as the app starts.
– Custom icons for all the instruments that are found in the song
– Always on mode: Keep updating your session in the background
– Sources: Apple Music, MusicBrainz, Discogs, SongLink, TheAudioDB
– NowPlaying content – Our unique content (Awards, TikTok songs, extra text)

– Title
– Artist
– Artwork
– Explicit
– Release date
– Genre
– Cover of (If the song is a cover of another song)
– Album
– Song position on most popular release (e.g. C2 on the LP release of 2022)
– Liner notes (From 4 different sources, including our own)
– Record label (Which label released the song)
– TikTok (Indication if the song has gone viral on TikTok)
– Link to Lyrics
– Samples (which samples have been used)
– Awards
→ Grammy
→ Apple Music Award
→ BRIT Award
→ American Music Award
→ MTV Music award
→ MTV Europe Music
→ Eurovision
→ Billboard Music Award
– Band members (who played what instrument
– Composers (Who helped create the song)
– Locations (where was it recorded)
– Your rating (if the song is in your library)
– Play count (how many times did you play this song, in your library)
– Last play date (when did you play this song last, from your library)
– Kool Moe Dee Score card (For specific hip hop artists)
– When did the artist started
– Artist biography
– Top songs by artist
– Photos of the Making of

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Version 2.0.91

Changements récents
– You can now search for a song direct from the start view
– Discogs search URL is back
– Smaller design tweaks
– Now uses a new content API for faster fetching of unique NowPlaying exclusive content but more about this later.
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