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Dream WOMBO-by ai NFT Dream

Télécharger Dream WOMBO-by ai NFT Dream (Gratuit) sur iPhone & iPad. Cette application iOS est dans la catégorie Utilitaires sur l’App Store.
Dream WOMBO-by ai NFT DreamDream WOMBO-by ai NFT DreamDream WOMBO-by ai NFT DreamDream WOMBO-by ai NFT DreamDream WOMBO-by ai NFT DreamDream WOMBO-by ai NFT DreamDream WOMBO-by ai NFT DreamDream WOMBO-by ai NFT DreamDream WOMBO-by ai NFT DreamDream WOMBO-by ai NFT DreamDream WOMBO-by ai NFT DreamDream WOMBO-by ai NFT Dream

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Version : 1.4

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 10.0 +

Taille : 154,44 Mo

Prix : Gratuit

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Dream is an AI painting APP, its image is very abstract, AI’s color control is in place.

There is an ancient fairy tale of “turning stone into gold”. Now there is an APP that can help you realize your dream of “turning words into pictures(art)”. It is “Dream”.

This is an intelligent painting tool, which can turn the fantastic ideas in your mind into artistic pictures visible to the naked eye, and everyone can become an “artist”.
The method is simple. First, feel free to enter a keyword or a description in the APP, such as “Metauniverse”. Then choose an artistic style, including mystery, baroque, fantasy art, steampunk and so on.

The AI technology in the APP can instantly turn boring text into creative painting, and the theme of the painting is very consistent with the content of the text.

The novel gameplay makes it set off a new wave of “AI creation”. The pictures generated Dream are mainly abstract, relatively accurate and concrete.

After the photo generation, you can download the work locally, and then decorate books, rooms or websites without hiring a professional illustrator.

In addition, some senior designers believe that when lacking inspiration, “Dream” can inspire creativity in terms of color, line, shape and style, and provide great help to users. Disco Diffusion,Canvas,

DALL-E, Artbreeder。

AI Dream Generator software is a mobile phone software that allows users to draw dreams conveniently. This software is very simple to use, so that users can operate better, and not only can they have more fun,

It also allows users to easily generate their dreams into a painting, and the operation is very simple and easy for users.

Wow features:
1, it is convenient to draw, which brings more good services to users and is easy to use;

2. Users can learn more about painting methods, and they can draw what they think;

3. All kinds of pictures of your dreams can be drawn directly, making your dreams come true, which is very interesting.

APP art highlights:
1. Use the technology of software artificial intelligence to make convenient settings and complete the image in your mind;

2. Make perfect production according to different ideas and needs, and there are always pictures suitable for you;

3. Various styles, beautiful artistic conception and images, and vibrant color oil paintings.

Dream function:
1. A beautiful portrait emerges in your mind, which can bring more beautiful experiences to your life;

2. Create different content, complete different images, and present a variety of vibrant portraits in front of you;

3. All kinds of high-quality portraits and different types of oil paintings can enrich your life and be beautiful without losing flavor.

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Version 1.4

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