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Watch app for Tesla

Télécharger Watch app for Tesla (23,99 €) sur iPhone & iPad. Cette application iOS est dans la catégorie Utilitaires sur l’App Store.
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Version : 1.2.6

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 14.2 +

Taille : 77,44 Mo

Prix : 23,99 €

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Convenience on the wrist – Watch app for Tesla is the ideal companion in day to day life with your Tesla vehicle. These are just a few of the day to day conveniences this app will help achieve:

– Forgot to plug in? Get a notification if vehicle is in a pre-configured location and not plugged in – all done directly on the watch, no external servers required, keeping your privacy!

– Add the graphic corner complication to your watch face and enjoy the convenience of having easy access to state of charge, charging indicator, time remaining if charging, sentry mode active indicator and indicator if any windows, doors or trunks are open. All from one complication, that also will launch the app when tapped.

– During and after charge, a panel will show how much energy was added. Convenient if you schedule your charge during the night – wake up each morning and easily check how much energy was added to the battery.

– If you have multiple vehicles on your account, tap the vehicle name to quickly and easily switch between them.

– You can queue up commands by tapping on buttons, then put your wrist down and the commands will execute in the background when the vehicle is successfully woken up.

– When you tap the unlock vehicle button, the charge port will also unlock if a charging cable is attached. That’s convenience right there!

– Want to reduce phantom drain? Background updates can be configured to longer intervals between updates or to only update if car is already awake or can be disabled entirely for absolutely zero impact on phantom drain.

– A warning panel will show up if any doors, windows or trunks are left open. Conveniently, you can tap the panel to close any open windows.

– Need to access the frunk? Just do it from your wrist – no fiddling with your phone.

– Sitting comfy in the couch, but just remembered you have a road-trip in the morning? Set the charge limit to 100% – or any value really – and start charging, right from the convenience of your wrist!

– Leaving the office after a long hot day? Activate the HVAC when you’re on your way, and enjoy a nice cool vehicle.

– When charging, tap the time remaining label to switch to show time of expected completion – no more head calculus!

– Need to run a quick errand, but you don’t have your phone? Unlock your vehicle from your wrist, then activate remote start and off you go. Just please be mindful that this feature requires internet connectivity on both watch and vehicle – so don’t drive into the desert and leave your vehicle, or you’ll get stuck there!

A note about security and privacy:
This app accepts two types of login. Either Tesla account credentials or a Tesla API token. Your account credentials are by default not stored in the app, but are used only once to obtain an authentication token and refresh token directly from the Tesla API server. If you would rather supply that token yourself, you can do so instead. It is preferable to supply a refresh token, as the app will then have a perpetual login. Your token will be persisted in the app. Tokens will be revoked if you change your Tesla account password. With the optional remote start feature you can choose to store your password in the app – it will be securely stored in the iOS / watchOS / iPadOS keychain. This feature is optional and is not required for all other features to function. No network traffic will ever be emitted from this app that goes anywhere other than directly to the Tesla API servers. The source code for this application will at all times be made available to any security researcher for a voluntary security and safety audit.

This app is not endorsed by Tesla Inc. Use at your own risk. No guarantee of proper function is given. Only you are responsible for any changes to your car caused by using this app.

Made in Denmark

Version 1.2.6

Changements récents
New features
– Added Live Activities for driving and charging sessions. These will show up when the app is opened on devices running iOS 16.1 or newer and the app has received data from the vehicle while charging or driving. Live Activities will update in the background every 15 minutes only. See note about Cloud Processing for how to improve this.
– Added OPTIONAL opt-in support for Cloud Processing of Live Activities. Enable this from advanced settings, to have active Live Activities for driving and charging update much more reliably every time the state of charge changes, with the caveat that your Tesla ACCESS TOKEN is sent to the cloud. Your access token gives FULL CONTROL of your vehicle for up to 8 hours. Only enable this feature if you are comfortable with that. Almost all other 3rd party Tesla clients require this – I have made a strong point in NOT compromising your security by never letting your token leave your devices. This changes that – optionally. Reason being Live Activities really not being functional with the tools provided by Apple without cloud processing.
– Now syncing allow wake and travel mode through iCloud – so toggling on one device, should toggle on all devices.
– Added recommended TPMS cold temperature pressure settings to TPMS view in vehicle chooser.
– Added detailed charge stats – tap the charge stats chart on main screen to see larger and summary.
– Added charge stats lock screen widget.
– Added navigation data to driving view.
– Changed defaults for allow wake and big battery. Both are now off by default. For existing users, consider disabling allow wake, as this is no longer needed since Tesla rolled out server-side caching in their API, so they will always return the last data reported from the vehicle. This should remove all trace of vampire drain caused by this app.

– Now using Swift Charts from Apple for 2022 OS releases for charge stats rendering.
– Added debug output to show size of local database.
– Changed Sentry Mode icon to always use filled-in version as it was more readable.
– Added new log-level setting – defaults to only log errors, which will keep the log size down.
– Added clear logs button to get rid of old large logs.
– Added sample data when configuring widgets to make them show up faster.
– When data is old, only some elements of main UI will now be dimmed, as not all features are unavailable or untrustworthy data.
– Updated extra large widget design for charge stats.
– Significantly improved speed of widgets.
– Added delete all data button in the debug menu.

– Fixed sharing navigation destination Siri intent.
– Fixed widget settings localizations for Danish.
– Fixed charge stats not updating UI immediately upon receiving new stats.
– A HUGE shoutout and THANK YOU to all my translators! You guys ROCK! – and as always, if you want the app translated to your language, get in touch! All localizations are public in the support github repository

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