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Watch app for Tesla

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Version : 1.2.2

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 13.5 +

Taille : 49,42 Mo

Prix : 11,99 €

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Convenience on the wrist – Watch app for Tesla is the ideal companion in day to day life with your Tesla vehicle. These are just a few of the day to day conveniences this app will help achieve:

– Forgot to plug in? Get a notification if vehicle is in a pre-configured location and not plugged in – all done directly on the watch, no external servers required, keeping your privacy!

– Add the graphic corner complication to your watch face and enjoy the convenience of having easy access to state of charge, charging indicator, time remaining if charging, sentry mode active indicator and indicator if any windows, doors or trunks are open. All from one complication, that also will launch the app when tapped.

– During and after charge, a panel will show how much energy was added. Convenient if you schedule your charge during the night – wake up each morning and easily check how much energy was added to the battery.

– If you have multiple vehicles on your account, tap the vehicle name to quickly and easily switch between them.

– You can queue up commands by tapping on buttons, then put your wrist down and the commands will execute in the background when the vehicle is successfully woken up.

– When you tap the unlock vehicle button, the charge port will also unlock if a charging cable is attached. That’s convenience right there!

– Want to reduce phantom drain? Background updates can be configured to longer intervals between updates or to only update if car is already awake or can be disabled entirely for absolutely zero impact on phantom drain.

– A warning panel will show up if any doors, windows or trunks are left open. Conveniently, you can tap the panel to close any open windows.

– Need to access the frunk? Just do it from your wrist – no fiddling with your phone.

– Sitting comfy in the couch, but just remembered you have a road-trip in the morning? Set the charge limit to 100% – or any value really – and start charging, right from the convenience of your wrist!

– Leaving the office after a long hot day? Activate the HVAC when you’re on your way, and enjoy a nice cool vehicle.

– When charging, tap the time remaining label to switch to show time of expected completion – no more head calculus!

– Need to run a quick errand, but you don’t have your phone? Unlock your vehicle from your wrist, then activate remote start and off you go. Just please be mindful that this feature requires internet connectivity on both watch and vehicle – so don’t drive into the desert and leave your vehicle, or you’ll get stuck there!

A note about security and privacy:
This app accepts two types of login. Either Tesla account credentials or a Tesla API token. Your account credentials are by default not stored in the app, but are used only once to obtain an authentication token and refresh token directly from the Tesla API server. If you would rather supply that token yourself, you can do so instead. It is preferable to supply a refresh token, as the app will then have a perpetual login. Your token will be persisted in the app. Tokens will be revoked if you change your Tesla account password. With the optional remote start feature you can choose to store your password in the app – it will be securely stored in the iOS / watchOS / iPadOS keychain. This feature is optional and is not required for all other features to function. No network traffic will ever be emitted from this app that goes anywhere other than directly to the Tesla API servers. The source code for this application will at all times be made available to any security researcher for a voluntary security and safety audit.

This app is not endorsed by Tesla Inc. Use at your own risk. No guarantee of proper function is given. Only you are responsible for any changes to your car caused by using this app.

Made in Denmark

Version 1.2.2

Changements récents
New features
– Notice: This release will be the last release supporting iOS 13 and watchOS 6.2.
– Added new vehicle chooser to all Siri Actions. If you only have one vehicle on your account, this should not make any impact. For owners with multiple vehicles, this should ensure Siri actions target the vehicle of your choice.
– Added advanced setting: Travel mode. Completely disable wake vehicle and background updates while Travel mode is enabled. Manually tap the refresh button to grab new data from vehicle one time.
– Added help and tips in settings.
– Added single vehicle mode.
– Reordered settings screen.
– Added ability to set charging current by tapping the charging current between the two temperature views on vehicles with 2021.36 or newer.
– Added Set Charging Current Siri intent.
– Added GetVehicles, GetActiveVehicle and SetActiveVehicle Siri Shortcuts for multi-vehicle shortcuts administration.
– Added set seat heater Siri Intent.

– Added Polish localizations.
– Added Is Charger Connected bool to Get State intent.
– Adjusted alternate state complication to put vehicle in max focus while keeping relevant info visible.
– No longer shows what’s new view on watchOS.
– Added Rated, Ideal and Estimated range indicators.
– Show time to full counter on widgets when charging.
– Graphic rectangular complication now shows time to full counter when charging and properly respects setting to not show updated ago timer.
– Added red background to remote start password if not long enough.
– Added padding around advanced toggle on login screen.
– Added help text to advanced settings.
– Store VehicleVin along with VehicleId – can use VIN to fallback if vehicleId ever changes (which it does in rare instances).

– Now reloads complication descriptors at every clean app launch on watchOS 7 and 8 – could help with buggy large graphic complications.
– Fixed extra large widget layout.
– Updated all complication icons to universal svg to accomodate Series 7 watches.
– Fix supercharger view when normal charging to respect alternate power calculation setting.
– Fixed buttons and toggles not working when accessibility setting button shapes enabled.
– Updated traditional chinese machine translations.
– Fix correctly showing “Depart at” on vehicles with 2021.36 or newer.
– Mac Catalyst display name fixed.
– Do not show open features warning symbol, when vehicle parked in zone marked as excluded from open features notifications.
– A HUGE shoutout and THANK YOU to all my translators! You guys ROCK! – and as always, if you want the app translated to your language, get in touch! All localizations are public in the support github repository.


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