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iLightningCam 2

Télécharger iLightningCam 2 (1,99 €) sur iPhone & iPad. Cette application iOS est dans la catégorie Photos et vidéos sur l’App Store.
iLightningCam 2iLightningCam 2iLightningCam 2iLightningCam 2iLightningCam 2iLightningCam 2iLightningCam 2iLightningCam 2iLightningCam 2

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Version : 4.0

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 9.0 +

Taille : 16,61 Mo

Prix : 1,99 €

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iLightningCam 2 – The Second Generation – Real-time lightning photography with iPhone made easy.

It enables everyone to take spectacular pictures of real lighting strikes with an iPhone or iPad!

After three years of development, iLightningCam 2 follows the unique iLightningCam, which was the only app with ISO control since 2012 with more than 160 000 users.

iLightningCam 2 features:

– Full AUTO Mode!
No user input needed!
The app changes automatically between day and night mode
Continuous calculation of best ISO settings based on the last

– Original Photo Resolution, no tricks, no interpolation!

– Much better detection!

– Double-shot , + one image as blend of first and second shot!

– New modern design!

– For experts: ISO ranges are fully manually adjustable, if wished!

iLightningCam 2 uses true real-time recognition of lightning strikes. Once recognized, your iPhone takes a picture of the recognized lightning in up to full resolution. And yes – your iPhone or iPad is fast enough!
You only need a good view on a real thunderstorm.

The app works free hand. Just point your iPhone towards the scene/part of the sky/thunderstorm where you expect the next lightning, start the iLightningCam 2 and wait, the app will automatically press the trigger if a lightning is detected in your view.

Lightning storms are life threatening for you and your phone!!! Take care using this app! Do not take any risks and avoid exposure to thunderstorms! Use this app only in lightning and storm protected places. You are solely responsible for your actions and adverse consequences. Read full safety warning in the instructions page, before using this app.
Who is it not for: It is not for children and it is not for mentally handicapped persons, as they may have not the ability to protect themselves against lightning or the associated storm.

Version 4.0

Changements récents
– Support for all 3 lenses on Pro devices
– Better focusing at night
– Improved manual in English and German
– Bug fixes
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