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QUARTET 2 Vocab & Kanji

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QUARTET 2 Vocab & KanjiQUARTET 2 Vocab & KanjiQUARTET 2 Vocab & KanjiQUARTET 2 Vocab & KanjiQUARTET 2 Vocab & Kanji

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Version : 1.1

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

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With this app you can practice vocabulary and kanji introduced in the textbook “QUARTET 2 Intermediate Japanese across the Four Language Skills”. Using the app, you can practice the words and kanji anytime and anywhere!

Number of words: 257
Number of kanji: 330

Word Dictionary: You can look up the words that you need to memorize. Each word has two different example sentences; one from the textbook and one that is not from the textbook. You can listen to native pronunciation by tapping on the example sentences. Additionally, tapping on any of the kanji that are introduced in the textbook, you will be brought to that kanji page of the kanji dictionary.

Word Flash: You can learn words from English to Japanese, or vice-versa by using the flash cards. If you put a check mark on the words you have already memorized, the words will not appear again for more efficient learning of other words.

Word Q: You can practice the words you memorized through quizzes.

Kanji Dictionary: Readings and meanings of kanji are introduced. Also, the stroke order of each kanji are animated.

Kanji Reading Q: You can take a quiz to practice the reading of kanji you have learned.

Kanji Writing Q: You can actually practice writing the kanji by hand. If you want to learn to write well, you can practice writing the kanji by tracing over the kanji pattern.

Vocabulary List: You can search for all words. When you tap on a word, you will be brought to the dictionary page for that word.

Review Q: Words and kanji readings can be reviewed in the game with time limits.

Settings: You can mute the sound. You can also check the version of the app and credits information.

This app is based on the vocabulary and kanji from the textbook “QUARTET 2 Intermediate Japanese across the Four Language Skills”.






Version 1.1

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