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Télécharger Longplay (2,99 €) sur iPhone & iPad. Cette application iOS est dans la catégorie Musique sur l’App Store.

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Version : 2.1.3

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 16.4 +

Taille : 21,69 Mo

Prix : 2,99 €

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Do you have an album collection of dozens to thousands of albums? Does the next song of an album already start playing in your head when one finishes? Longplay is for you.

Longplay presents a beautiful view of the album artworks of the (near) complete albums in your music collection. It let’s you rediscover forgotten favourites or just play the music you love, and explore it with various smart sort options:

– Orderliness: by artist, then by album
– Addiction: by amount of time spent listening
– Brightness: by the primary colour of the album artwork
– Negligence: by the time it’s been since you’ve last listened to the album, weighted by the rating
– Recency: by date added
– Memory: by last played
– Stars: by the rating you’ve provided for each song
– Random: a new order, every time you tap it

You can organise your albums into collections, which sync across your devices.

Infinite album shuffle let’s you stay in the flow, with smart shuffle depending on your current collection or sort order.

It comes with a home screen widget that displays the top albums by your nominated sort order. On the larger widget, tap an album to play it, on the smallest it doubles as a “Feeling lucky” button to start playback of one of them.

It supports CarPlay, Siri, and Shortcuts.

It works well with Apple Music, music purchased from iTunes or synced manually.

Important: Longplay does not ship with any music included, it is instead a player for your music library – be it from Apple Music, iTunes or your synced music. It provides a filtered view of just the albums of which you have all or most of the songs, as well as your playlists; thus focussing on your album collection without any singles or albums where you only have very few songs.

Tap an item to play (or pause). Long tap for additional options, such as adding to your album queue or to a collection.

It works with libraries big and small, and besides regular albums it also handles compilation albums and playlists.

Comes with Shortcuts actions to play a random top album by a defined sort order, or a random album, optionally filtered by artist or genre. All of that with Longplay’s logic that makes sure that it’s an album for which you have all or most songs.

It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Fully VoiceOver accessible.

Version 2.1.3

Changements récents

– Adds page indicator on iPhone while swiping between settings, album wall and player. Fully VoiceOver accessible.
– Omit „The“ from playlists when sorting alphabetically.


– The shuffle button in the Now Playing widget now shuffles through all your albums, not just a subset.
– Fixes restoring selected collection on app-restart.
– Fixes issues where some compilations might be missing primary artist.
– Fix crash when using CarPlay when phone is set to German. ‘tschuldigung.
– Robustness tweak for stats calculation.
– Reviewed and improved the VoiceOver support.

Feedback is always welcome and I read it all and try to reply, too. Best to reach out by mail to [email protected]. If you want to provide extra support, I’d appreciate if you leave a review or a top up the tip jar.

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