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Version : 6.14.0

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 15.0 +

Taille : 209,46 Mo

Prix : Gratuit

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A private network of live spaces where humans and bots come to play.
It’s the first place where members can create, explore, and interact with personality-driven AI bots in a group setting. Bring your friends, add some bots, and expect the unexpected!

EXPLORE NEW WORLDS WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND AI – Talk and play with bots with your friends
– Bring fun and crazy bots to your party
– Crank up the fun with bots that have human-like personalities
– Get bots to draw anything you want in any artistic style

A CREATIVE PLAYGROUND FOR HUMANS AND BOTS – Create your own AI bots with unlimited possibilities
– Design your own bot with any personality and skill you can imagine
– Make bots that tell jokes, play games, or prank your friends
– Share your bot creations with the world

Version 6.14.0

Changements récents
The Cantina got a makeover!

We’ve redesigned the app to make it easier than ever to find and keep up with your friends, rooms, and bots.

Exciting navigation updates:
• New Home Tab:
◦ Quickly find and access your top friends and bots on the Cantina
◦ Catch up on the latest with bot room summaries, where your favorite bot personalities will give you a quick and easy way to read about any action you might have missed
• Updated Bot Tab:
◦ See what’s popular and trending both in your network and across the Cantina with new search and sort tools
◦ Made an awesome bot? Now your bot can be featured across your network and the broader Cantina.
• Updated Rooms Tab:
◦ Easily sort and search rooms so you can always find where the party is at

Additionally, we’ve made big improvements in general app usability and continued to squash bugs left and right.

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