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FAC Alteza

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FAC AltezaFAC AltezaFAC AltezaFAC AltezaFAC AltezaFAC AltezaFAC AltezaFAC Alteza

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Version : 2.4.2

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 13.0 +

Taille : 3,13 Mo

Prix : 9,99 €

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• Exospheric stereo reverb with ultra low latency pitch shifting
• Amazingly lush, dreamy and beautiful
• Shimmer kind effect, harmonizer
• Unique feedback processor and fine tuning of the All-Pass delays
• High-pass filter and stereo width input controls, separate Dry/Wet outputs
• Sidechain input to duck the reverb
• Multiple outputs, extra output bus to route the feedback signal to your own fxs
• Advanced Responsive Design, portrait and landscape views
• iOS Audio Unit V3 – Universal (iPad/iPhone)

Designed for ethereal lush sound textures and dreamy space reflection, FAC Alteza is the perfect solution to bring your instruments to heaven in no time. Thanks to a powerful feedback section containing, inter alia, two pitch shifters, the unit is able to deliver the very typical “Shimmer” sound kind effect very much prized by musicians that are making ambient music, or any kind of music that needs to be carried by a fabulous angelic evolving choir section.

FAC Alteza is definitely not “another shimmer reverb…” effect because it comes with additional parameters that make it very versatile. A particular attention to each part of the signal path was necessary to reach this level of high-end quality.

Here some features that make FAC Alteza an outstanding unit:

• the input signal is not monoized by default, a knob allows to control the width of the input stereo image before reaching the reverb
• the topology of the effect, based upon a series of All-Pass delays, allows to control the intrasec characteristics of the reverberation
• the number of All-Pass delays per stage and the echo density are alterable in the main section and in the feedback section
• two ultra low latency pitch shifters deliver progressive pitch-shifting of the reverberation tail or the input signal
• the feedback section contains a blend knob to control how much of the original signal is mixed with the feedback reverb
• the wet signal can be ducked by an external signal provided by the host

– AuV3 and Standalone App
– To use the sidechain and/or to output the additional feedback signal, you need a host able to provide to the AuV3 an input bus and an additional output bus.

The documentation is available at

Version 2.4.2

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Maintenance Update

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– Fix side-chain, signal may be muted in some host
– Rename input/output busses (Sidechain, Feedback)

NEW: FAC Alteza Desktop Big Update! 
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