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Adlocked – No Ads Web BrowsingAdlocked – No Ads Web BrowsingAdlocked – No Ads Web BrowsingAdlocked – No Ads Web BrowsingAdlocked – No Ads Web BrowsingAdlocked – No Ads Web BrowsingAdlocked – No Ads Web Browsing

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Version : 1.0.3

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 14.0 +

Taille : 36,19 Mo

Prix : Gratuit

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Bad advertising messes up user experience on a routine basis, especially when you are surfing a website. Do you, for once in your life, just want to watch a video or play a game, without the constant presence of annoying ads? We hear you. What can be an easy fix to this evil?

Welcome the user-friendly Adlocked App. This app is here to block all irrelevant ads from your sight so that you can enjoy your time on the Internet. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to learn the details of this perfect AdBlock technology.

Benefit From Swift Speed And Lower Usage Of Web Data
Who doesn’t love fast speed, whether on the road or on the internet? Quick speed with regards to the internet means that your browsing experience will automatically be more enjoyable.
When ads are not displayed anymore, speed will be maximized automatically and browsing will be hassle-free. Not only this, your web data will be consumed less than before. What a sweet deal!

Be Your Own Boss on the Internet
With Adlocked, you are given the power to not allow any advertising ruin your me-time. Whether it be a huge pop-up, a frustrating video, or flashy banners, shoo them all away by simply installing this great app. But of course, speed and blocking ads are not the only things you can achieve.

Saves Data and Battery
A user’s data should be given as much importance too, which is why Adlocker completely restricts tracking and malware, both. This is done simultaneously with the app installation. Hence, no random company can track your online activities any longer and you can reclaim control of your browsing.

Since websites require money to stay free of cost, you can support them by allowing certain apps as well. But do you want to hide all the advertising? That’s possible too.

Features Of Adlocker
● The fastest, easiest, and the most stable ad blocker app for Safari browser on iOS mobile.
● Block all types of intrusive apps to enjoy the internet like never before.
● Enjoy a longer battery life and reduced data usage due to ad blocking.
● Internet usage totally redefined with less consumption of cellular and WiFi modes.
● Boosts the speed of browsing so that your internet usage becomes smoother.
● Block all tracking scripts and advertisements with a few easy clicks.
● Save the mobile data usage to a maximum extent.

Not only is the Adlocked App capable of blocking all distracting advertising, it also serves as an anti tracking tool so you can feel confident while surfing the Safari browser. It determines that your internet activity remains private.

https://adlockedapp.com/terms-of-use.htmlNot to mention that it is your battery saver as well along with the responsibility of a browsing manager. In short, it is a powerful 3-in-1 app which acts as a media blocker, ad blocker, and privacy guard.

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Version 1.0.3

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