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Version : 3.5.1

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 14.0 +

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obimy is an app where i show my feelings instead of chatting and messaging. because sometimes words aren’t enough. i can kiss and hug someone i haven’t seen for so long or met recently. i don’t need text/picture/video to pay attention and feel the care of close ones. it’s a new way to be closer from a distance. it makes ordinary things a more important part of life. it’s the best thing to stay in touch when you can’t meet people, and even more:

• send senses. they seem to be stickers. but! these are the actions that i can feel. kiss, hug, hold a hand or rustle under the blanket. anything is difficult to put into words.
• share my mood — choose my personal mood from the large mood palette. so that my family, friends and loved one know how and why i feel so now and can help.
• know about the feelings of loved ones in numbers: heart rate and steps.
• make gifts: know the size of your loved ones.
• be reminded by notifications that are turning on to do something cool.
• we have a system of notifications, which reminds you about upcoming birthdays of your friends

i can’t talk about my feelings. but now i can share them with people around me and find friends.

i have never kissed a stranger. now i can do it with no regrets using a brand new way of human interaction.

i’m not holding another messenger in my hands. i’m the happy owner of senseger.

it has never been so easy to be closer to your loved ones with HealthKit technology. feel your partner’s heart rate, track the mood, walked steps.

let’s get closer.
in a way that had been impossible before.
with love, obimy.

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Version 3.5.1

Changements récents
– you were waiting to talk here so badly! now you can say “hey” after three senses. it’s a beginning of the new way where you & obimates are getting closer, closer & closer. never lose the connection. make it brighter with all words, senses, colors & moods you’ve got.
– try all new cool updates & stay close to your obimates! take all the benefits from the communication with fixed bugs & lots of hugs.
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