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Télécharger foolcontrol-r (5,99 €) sur iPhone & iPad. Cette application iOS est dans la catégorie Photos et vidéos sur l’App Store.

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Version : 3.49

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 9.3 +

Taille : 30,39 Mo

Prix : 5,99 €

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Simple record + last clip review remote control App for RED™ DIGITAL CINEMA CAMERAS.


This is NOT the complete version of foolcontrol, available to purchase separately but a version that will let you monitor your camera settings but only trigger start / stop.


foolcontrol-r works with any RED DSMC and DSMC2 cameras via wifi connectivity.

RED WEAPON, EPIC-W, SCARLET-W and RAVEN all have built in wifi, ready for foolcontrol.

RED EPIC or SCARLET requires the use of either :
– RED lemo to cat5 ethernet cable and a GIG-E wireless router.
– RED REDLink bridge wifi module.
– Teradek COLR and GIG-E to lemo cable.
– RTMotion Latitude


connection tips :

more info, video demos and support :
IG : @mikafool

Please note :
This application requires iOS 8.1 and up and will only work with RED DSMC cameras. It does not work with the RED ONE or any other camera. Focus control requires a RED Canon or Nikon mount and a compatible electronic lens.

Version 3.49

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