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yCry : baby cries translator

Télécharger yCry : baby cries translator (1,19 €) sur iPhone & iPad. Cette application iOS est dans la catégorie Médecine sur l’App Store.
yCry : baby cries translatoryCry : baby cries translatoryCry : baby cries translatoryCry : baby cries translatoryCry : baby cries translator

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Version : 1.3.5

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 13.0 +

Taille : 51,65 Mo

Prix : 1,19 €

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yCry uses A.I. algorithms to help detect and analyze your baby’s cry and display his needs to you. It is the result of intensive 8 months collecting babies cries backed by evidence and scientists help. Additionally, the app contains several features to help you have the best mom/dad experience.

Features :

~ A food diary to help keep track of your baby’s belly
~ A sounds palette that is backed by evidence that helps soothe the baby and calm him down

Disclamer: yCry may produce results that contradicts what you may think of your baby: always trust your mind.

Version 1.3.5

Changements récents
Increased Accuracy and fixed bugs
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