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GENKI Vocab for 3rd Ed.

Télécharger GENKI Vocab for 3rd Ed. (6,99 €) sur iPhone & iPad. Cette application iOS est dans la catégorie Éducation sur l’App Store.
GENKI Vocab for 3rd Ed.GENKI Vocab for 3rd Ed.GENKI Vocab for 3rd Ed.GENKI Vocab for 3rd Ed.GENKI Vocab for 3rd Ed.GENKI Vocab for 3rd Ed.GENKI Vocab for 3rd Ed.GENKI Vocab for 3rd Ed.GENKI Vocab for 3rd Ed.GENKI Vocab for 3rd Ed.

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Version : 1.0

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 13.4 +

Taille : 185,82 Mo

Prix : 6,99 €

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Learn elementary Japanese words at your own pace!
GENKI Vocab for 3rd Ed. is an app that enables users to learn more than 1,200 words essential for beginners.

This is the official iPhone app for the 3rd edition of GENKI: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese, a best-selling series of Japanese learning materials boasting more than 2 million copies sold worldwide.

◆Users can view the words and listen to the recordings as they like, enabling them to study at their own pace.
◆By repeating a process of memorization and self-checking, learners can firmly master important beginning-level vocabulary.
◆Words already memorized are progressively removed from the study set, so users can concentrate on just the words that challenge them, making for a more efficient approach to learning.

Study methods and functions
This app has three main modes: Study, Check, and List.

◇ “Study” allows users to view the words, their meanings, and the example sentences over and over, so they can take their time learning.
・Audio recordings of all words and example sentences are provided with natural pronunciations by native speakers of Japanese. (Please set your iPhone to Ring mode to hear the audio playback.)
・Fun illustrations help users to better retain the words studied.
・Users can bookmark the words they like. The bookmarked words are compiled in the Bookmark list in “List.”

◇ “Check” helps learners to track their mastery.
・Users check their understanding of the vocabulary studied and sort the words into those mastered and those not yet retained.
・The words already mastered are taken out of the study set, leaving behind just those that still need to be worked on.

◇ “List” displays a list of all words covered by the app so that users can see their progress and review the vocabulary.
・The list can be arranged in any of three orderings: lesson order, a-i-u-e-o order, and alphabetical order. The words bookmarked in the Study mode are also listed in the Bookmark list.
・Checkmarks are automatically placed next to words that have been mastered.
・The Study view of words can be displayed from the list entries, enabling quick review.

○This app is based on the vocabulary from the third edition of GENKI.
○Ads: The app does not display any ads that might interfere with learning.

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