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IP Camera Viewer ELRO

Télécharger IP Camera Viewer ELRO (5,99 €) sur iPhone & iPad. Cette application iOS est dans la catégorie Utilitaires sur l’App Store.
IP Camera Viewer ELROIP Camera Viewer ELROIP Camera Viewer ELROIP Camera Viewer ELROIP Camera Viewer ELRO

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Version : 1.14

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 9.1 +

Taille : 18,81 Mo

Prix : 5,99 €

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This is the official iPhone app for ELRO and Eden IP cameras. With this app you can remotely view and control your ELRO C703IP/C704IP/C704IP.2/C705IP/C800IP/C803IP/C803IP.2/C901IP/C903IP/C903IP.2/C904IP/C904IP.2 Eden C2110/C2130/C2221/C2231 camera from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. From wherever you are*! Use it for for all of your home security and home automation needs. It’s the ideal solution for home and small business surveillance!

*3G or wireless network connection required, for use outside your home network you’ll need to setup portforwarding on your router (not for P2P cameras)


– View the live video feed of your cameras
– Two-way audio support (from and to camera) for cameras that support it
– Zoom in and out on the image by pinching
– Optical zoom support for Eden C2130 camera
– Fullscreen by rotating the device to a landscape position
– Swipe in fullscreen view to select another camera
– Take snapshots and save it to your camera roll or mail them
– QR-code scanning support for ELRO C704IP.2/C705/C803IP.2/C903IP.2/C904IP.2 cameras
– Motion detection (for ELRO C703IP/C704IP/C803IP/C903IP/C904IP and Eden C2110/C2130/C2221/C2231)
– Configure motion detection and E-mail settings (for ELRO C703IP/C704IP/C803IP/C903IP/C904IP and Eden C2110/C2130/C2221/C2231)
– Quickly enable/disable the alarm (for ELRO C703IP/C704IP/C803IP/C903IP/C904IP and Eden C2110/C2130/C2221/C2231)
– Enable/disable sending interval E-mails (for ELRO C800IP/C901IP)
– Adjust brightness/contrast
– Adjust saturation (for ELRO C800IP/C901IP)
– Change camera resolution (for ELRO C703IP/C704IP/C704IP.2/C705IP/C803IP/C803IP.2/C903IP/C903IP.2/C904IP/C904IP.2)
– Multiple camera support (up to 144 cameras)
– Mosaic view for showing 4 cameras (in landscape) and 6 cameras (in portrait) simultaneously
– Swipe in mosaic view to view more other cameras
– Possibility to lock PTZ controls and/or rotation
– Taking advantage of iOS 7
– Taking full advantage of retina 3.5″ and 4″ displays

ELRO C800IP network camera
ELRO C901IP network camera
ELRO C703IP/C703IP.2 network camera
ELRO C704IP/C704IP.2 network cameras
ELRO C705IP network cameras
ELRO C803IP/C803IP.2 network camera
ELRO C903IP/C903IP.2 network cameras
ELRO C904IP/C904IP.2 network camera
Edén C2110 network camera
Edén C2130 network camera
Edén C2221 network camera
Edén C2231 network camera
Edén C2101MP network camera
Edén C2231MP network camera

Please be aware that not all features are available for ELRO C800IP/C901IP and C2101MP/C2101MP and P2P cameras


Please address any support or feature request questions to ELRO using the Support-button in the app.

This app has been developed by Maurice de Bijl / The Convenience Factory B.V. commissioned by Roos Electronics B.V., The Netherlands.

Version 1.14

Changements récents
This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

This update adds iOS 11 compatibility.

We are considering to do a complete redesign of the app and offer it as a separate app ‘IP Camera Viewer ELRO 2’, but are not sure if there are enough users willing to pay. Please let us know by leaving a good rating or leave a message on twitter @conveniencedev
Please understand that though this is the official ELRO IP camera app, we are an independent app development company and our development is not paid by Smartwares.

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