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Video PauseVideo PauseVideo PauseVideo Pause

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Version : 1.9.7

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 8.0 +

Taille : 2,49 Mo

Prix : 1,99 €

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Video Pause simply allows you to record, pause, resume and stop video.

▸ No lengthy and tedious editing, splicing and combining of numerous clips when all you really needed was a pause button

▸ Capture your kids sports action sequences in one clip (Yes, soccer and little league parents, this app was made for you) and then easily re-watch that back on your Apple TV (item sold separately).

▸ Universal App: One price fits all (use for your iPad, iPhone and/or iPod Touch and pay only once)

▶ Some features include:

▸ Ability to snap photos while recording video

▸ Ability to Zoom while recording, paused or stopped (device must support video zooming)

▸ Square video capture support (Thanks for your patience Vine fans! See the ‘Video Aspect Ratio’ option under settings)

▸ Not only is Square (1:1 aspect ratio) supported, you are now able to record video holding device vertically (Portrait) but getting landscape (16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios) output! (Again, see the ‘Video Aspect Ratio’ option under settings)

▸ SWIPE UP to access photos library so you can view and play what you just recorded (Recording must be paused or stopped)

▸ SWIPE LEFT or RIGHT to access settings

▸ If you leave the app, get a phone call or turn off the device, you now have the options to automatically save, pause or discard the video when recording or in pause mode (See ‘When Leaving app (Multicasting)’ under settings)

▸ Video stabilization is automatically enabled but can also be disabled (Configurable under settings)

▸ To pause/resume video simply tap once anywhere on the screen (Also configurable)

Version 1.9.7

Changements récents
Fixed some ssues when toggling back and front cameras during recording.

NOTE: If using Stabilization and you toggle from the front camera (which doesn’t support stabilization) then Stabilization is turned off for the duration of the recording, even if you toggle to the back camera

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