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Convert Drugs PremiumConvert Drugs PremiumConvert Drugs PremiumConvert Drugs PremiumConvert Drugs Premium

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Version : 1.90

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 8.0 +

Taille : 143,54 Mo

Prix : 8,99 €

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Find equivalent medications by product name or active ingredient (molecule) in 200+ countries using our exclusive in-app (no Internet needed) database of half a million products.

So you are in a business trip to China and suddenly need one of your usual medications. How are you going to find it there? With Convert Drugs, in a few seconds and without Internet connection, you’ll see a list of equivalent drug names and you can even show the local name full screen to the local pharmacist or doctor.

New: “Wikipedia” button in the result view, showing Wikipedia information about this molecule (if it exists). Note: this feature requires an Internet connection.

***** 5/5 “Great application:
This is literally a life saver. I often travel and this app tells me what to get if I ever get stuck in a country and my medications run out. A very common situation in the winter when storms or other natural events may cancel flights for days…”

Convert Drugs is a fast and easy to use application designed for health professionals, students and travelers. It will provide the equivalent prescription or other the counter drugs (commercial product names) in most countries in the world, with the ability to search by product name or molecule (active ingredient).

The Convert Drugs’ database has been compiled by a professional pharmacist and frequent updates (through app updates) will ensure you to always have the most complete list of medications in your pocket. Each update is carefully double checked before release.

The Convert Drugs’ database covers almost 1 million drug names and more than 8000 molecules (generic names) in more than 200 countries.

The database is stored with the application in your iPhone. This means that Convert Drugs will provide you with fast and accurate results even without any Internet connection (such as when you are traveling abroad).

With Convert Drugs in your iPhone, you’ll be able to quickly help visitors from other countries find the medications they need, or tell your patients going abroad which products they’ll need. You can search drugs by commercial product name or molecule (generic) name.

Don’t leave the country without this application in your iPhone! You never know what can happen and you can’t bring all your usual and favorite remedies with you… Should you be in urgent need of something, a quick search with the Convert Drugs application will allow you to find the equivalent products in the country your are visiting.

This application does not provide medical advice. You must always check with a physician or pharmacist before purchasing or using any medication. In addition, the database can sometimes contain errors.

Comparison between the 3 versions:
– Free: Gives your the active ingredient only (generic)
– Pro: Gives you the equivalent products in the country of your choice
– Premium: Has multi-country search, search by molecule, and larger database with drugs for serious diseases.

Version 1.90

Changements récents
– Database Update
– New app notification
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