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AUM – Audio Mixer

Télécharger AUM – Audio Mixer (20,99 €) sur iPhone & iPad. Cette application iOS est dans la catégorie Musique sur l’App Store.
AUM - Audio MixerAUM - Audio MixerAUM - Audio MixerAUM - Audio MixerAUM - Audio MixerAUM - Audio MixerAUM - Audio MixerAUM - Audio MixerAUM - Audio MixerAUM - Audio MixerAUM - Audio MixerAUM - Audio MixerAUM - Audio MixerAUM - Audio MixerAUM - Audio MixerAUM - Audio Mixer

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Version : 1.4.1

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 11.0 +

Taille : 14,75 Mo

Prix : 20,99 €

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AUM is the flexible audio mixer, recorder, and connection hub for your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Connect hardware inputs and outputs, Audio Unit extensions, Inter-App Audio apps, Audiobus, soundfile players, built-in signal processing and filters, in any configuration you want.

Route anything to anywhere with mix-busses, effect sends, audiobus ports, and external multi-channel audio interfaces.

Play hosted synths and instruments using the built-in keyboard or external MIDI controllers, or sequence them with AU MIDI plugins or from other apps using Virtual MIDI.

Record mixes, individual tracks, or both, straight into the storage space of AudioShare (no copying of files needed), with synchronized start and end for perfect loops.

Play back recordings, soundfiles and loops as channel sources in the mixer for backing tracks, further processing or mixing. Soundfiles can be opened from anywhere, including USB drives on iOS 13 and later.

Route and filter MIDI in any way you like using the MIDI matrix. Combine and filter MIDI endpoints using MIDI buses.

Synchronize everything with the transport clock and play in time with other apps or devices using Ableton Link. Connect external music machines and synchronize them with MIDI Clock.

Includes built-in processing nodes for various stereo processing, Mid/Side balance and conversion, EQs and filters, limiting, clipping and saturation. Or use any 3rd party Audio Unit extension or Inter-App Audio effect.

All controls in the mixer can be controlled via MIDI, including parameters of hosted and built-in plugins.

“A brilliant idea that has been brilliantly executed. Top-notch technical stuff and highly recommended” – MusicAppBlog

“Feature rich, powerful, intuitive, and simple to use” – DubSpot

“Executes live mixing with surprising ease, with a load of extensive features under the hood, quick snappy response on the screen and audio” – AudioNewsRoom


• High quality audio up to 32-bit 96kHz
• Clean and intuitive user interface with crisp vector graphics
• Extremely compact and optimized code, very small app size
• Unlimited number of channels
• Unlimited number of effect slots
• Inserts and sends are configurable pre/post-fader
• Internal busses for mixing, effect sends, signal splitting
• Supports multi-channel audio interfaces for both inputs and outputs
• Supports built-in speaker and mic, including stereo mic on devices that has it.
• Supports Audio Unit extensions, Inter-App Audio and Audiobus
• Route MIDI output from Audio Unit extensions
• Supports Audio Unit multiple output and input busses (for side-chaining etc)
• Audiobus state saving
• Highly accurate transport clock
• Metronome with selectable output and optional pre-roll
• Sends host sync to Audio Unit plugins and IAA apps
• Play in time with Ableton Link, with Start/Stop support
• Slave external hardware via MIDI Clock
• FilePlayer with sync and looping with access to all your soundfiles
• Records straight into AudioShare storage space
• Record synchronized beat-perfect loops
• Built-in nodes for stereo processing, filtering and dynamics
• Latency compensation makes everything align at the outputs
• Optional manual compensation using TimeOffset
• Multiple Inter-App Audio / Audiobus output ports
• Built-in MIDI keyboard
• Fully MIDI controllable
• MIDI Matrix for routing MIDI anywhere
• MIDI filtering for any MIDI destination
• Combine MIDI sources or destinations using MIDI buses


• Stereo balance
• Stereo to mono
• Stereo panning
• Mid/Side balance
• Mid/Side – Stereo convert
• Invert Phase
• Parametric EQ
• Low-shelf filter
• High-shelf filter
• Low-pass resonant filter
• High-pass resonant filter
• LP/HP combo filter
• First order All-pass filter
• Second order All-pass filter
• Gain
• Hard clip
• Saturation
• Lookahead peak limiter

Version 1.4.1

Changements récents
A few quick bugfixes:

– Global SOLO button location on device orientation change.
– Handling of ‘+’ sign in fader dB numeric entry.
– Order of Tip Jar items.
– MIDI ctrl CLEAR.

Major 1.4.0 changes:


– Add 64kHz sample rate option.
– Add ‘DJ style’ combined LP/HP filter node.
– Make Transport Clock sample-precise when Ableton Link is disabled.
– AUv3: don’t process bypassed nodes.
– Always keep running in bg if there are any channel strips in the session.
– Improve fader smoothing to avoid zipper noise.
– Fix faulty report of latency compensation buffer overflow when having mix bus feedback.
– Fix issue with MIDI/MMC stop-rewind with same timestamp.
– Fix FilePlayer locate position if file has sample rate different from current session.
– Automatically mute input nodes if they change from external to built-in microphone, to avoid feedback.


– Rewrote MIDI Clock Send, now part of the MIDI matrix and can be connected to multiple destinations.
– MIDI Clock Send settings for sync offset and latency compensation mode.
– MIDI Clock Send can now send Song Position Pointer.
– New MIDI Controls for Tempo (BPM), Tempo Presets (trigger specific tempo changes via MIDI), Un-solo All, Scroll to Channel, MMC Locate/Goto & Rewind.
– MIDI Control: allow OMNI channel.
– Add MIDI Load Session ‘force link tempo’ toggle setting.
– Support PitchBend (14 bit) and ChannelPressure (7 bit) for MIDI Control.
– Add a virtual CoreMIDI ‘AUM’ Source.
– Add Network MIDI view, where one can browse MIDI hosts on the network and connect/disconnect them, and enable/disable the network session.
– MIDI Keyboard: add midi pass through input
– Allow save/load/copy/paste/clear of mappings for each MIDI control section, as well as batch set All MIDI Channels. (Tap the three dots in the section title)
– AUv3: allow multiple MIDI inputs (virtualMIDICableCount).
– Add MIDI Swap Connections button: Tap endpoint name in matrix, then tap swap symbol.
– Allow renaming CoreMIDI hardware endpoints.
– Distinguishing multiple hardware controllers of same model by adding their USB port location to their name.


– Tap fader dB label for numeric entry.
– New node slot long-press menu adds Node Move/Copy/Swap, also between channels.
– Show DSP% and reported latency per node when dragging node to the right.
– Show UI indication if channel is producing bad signal values.
– New Node Statistics: per-node DSP%, latencies, load/save times, etc. (tap global DSP/battery indicator and then Node Statistics).
– MIDI matrix: Add resize handle. Tap to maximize/minimize.
– Redesign and put tempo menu inside top bar.
– Keyboard: don’t play notes while scrolling.
– AUv3: Add bypass button in title bar.
– Tempo, Preset and Session Load MIDI actions: swipe and tap EDIT to replace item.
– AUv3 main param knob: Use a new custom widget for Indexed parameters. Drag or tap to change value.
– Save and restore plugin z-order in session state and when show/hide all plugins.
– MIDI Matrix: draw connections to/from bypassed/unavailable endpoints dashed.
– FilePlayer: add Format info cell.
– Redesign MIDI keyboard UI.
– Improve channel wire drawing, avoid animation glitch when resizing.
– Improve interference with screen-edge swipe system gesture.
– Improve support for AUParameters with indexed value.
– MIDIKeyboard: avoid iPhone notch for bar buttons
– Don’t get stuck in control-finder mode if plugin has no parameters.
– Fix 3-finger touch-up delay on iOS 14.
– Avoid occasional lag while moving/resizing plugin window.
– Fix viewWillDisappear not being called on AUv3 viewController.
– Fix iphone rotation re-layout of MIDI Filters and MIDI Ctrl range button.
– Improve alert popup presentation. Fixes alerts hiding behind other views on iPhone in some cases.


– Added a Tip Jar for those who’d like to support future development.
– Drop support for 32-bit devices. Require iOS 11.
– Updated LinkKit.
– Update help.
– Various tweaks, optimizations and fixes.

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