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Brain / iKon / Xbar / TracX

Télécharger Brain / iKon / Xbar / TracX (9,99 €) sur iPhone & iPad. Cette application iOS est dans la catégorie Divertissement sur l’App Store.
Brain / iKon / Xbar / TracXBrain / iKon / Xbar / TracXBrain / iKon / Xbar / TracXBrain / iKon / Xbar / TracXBrain / iKon / Xbar / TracXBrain / iKon / Xbar / TracXBrain / iKon / Xbar / TracXBrain / iKon / Xbar / TracXBrain / iKon / Xbar / TracX

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Version : 3.4.046

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 13.0 +

Taille : 73,53 Mo

Prix : 9,99 €

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Application pour tablettes et téléphones iOS. Permet de configurer vos modules flybarless Brain/Ikon/Xbar/Tracx via Bluetooth.

Cette application fonctionne nativement avec les modules MSH ayant la fonction Bluetooth intégrée. Les autres modules nécessitent un module Bluetooth externe MSH pour iOS, vendu séparément.

Pour être pleinement fonctionnelle, l’application nécessite que la dernière version du firmware soit installée dans le module. Si votre appareil dispose d’un accès internet, l’application vous avertira lorsqu’une nouvelle version du firmware est disponible.

Les produits MSH peuvent être achetés auprès des revendeurs officiels MSH.

Version 3.4.046

Changements récents
• Added to the 11 Jeti telemetry transmitted values selected in the “Parameter Setup” tab of DIAGNOSTIC, also the “Log Parameter 12” value “Global Vibrations”. If an ESC is selected in “Telemetry Input” of panel 12 of the Wizard, are also transmitted “ESC Battery Voltage”, “ESC Battery Current”, “ESC Battery Used”, “ESC Battery Ripple”, “ESC Power Output”, “ESC LS RPM”, “ESC Temperature 1 (°C & °F)” values. If Hobbywing or Jive Pro or YGE are selected also “ESC Temperature 2 (°C & °F)” are transmitted. If Jive Pro or YGE are selected also “ESC BEC Current” is transmitted. A New AUTO Discover is not required, but all new parameters must be Added in “New Displayed Telemetry” if you want to see it
• Added in the File menu the “Reset Logs to default” command
• With Tandem Rotor models, by giving elevator commands the pitch increase of one rotor is greater than the pitch reduction of the other rotor to achieve a behavior of Tandem Rotors models more similar to that of single rotor models
• Rewritten, simplified and reduced size of Firmware unifying some similar routines used for S.Port+S.Bus, F.Port, F.Port2
• If FrSky Neuron ESC’s telemetry signal is connected to the S.Port bus via an “Y” cable the ESC telemetry is recognized and can be recorded in Flight Controller logs
• Added to the OpenTX the “PowerOut” pwm value (0-100%) with the sensor name “1000” (like for global vibrations, there are no predefined sensor for this kind of value in actual OpenTX versions)
• Added the Event “Voltage > 8V4” as a warning that the receiver and/or servos may be damaged at such supply voltages, and that the BEC regulator may have failed
• Added the Event “Flight Count increased” to better understand if that Event group is related to a real flight or to a bench test / ground test. Note: the “Flight Count” value in COUNTER section may not correspond to the number of Recorded Logs due to possible bench logging
• Now in all “Integrations” “Pitch Out Max:” is displayed correctly also if “Reversed Pitch” is selected
• Now using OpenTX S.Port + S.Bus protocol and connections, no more “sensor lost” message happen for VFAS sensor
• Restored the filtering of the RPM signal used by the Governor to the highest filtering values used prior to the FW versions 3.4.013 because of problems with some ESCs (Castle Creation) with high noise on RPM wires
• Starting with firmware 3.4.XXX the Spektrum Binding via Software and/or via Hardware does not work with SRXL2 receivers and the on-board bind button of the SRXL2 receivers must be used. Fixed
• Now also with the F.Port2 protocol the secondary receiver connected via “S.Bus In” to the main receiver is correctly working
• Values of Exponential’s that cause a slight change in the output values now work only for Pitch channel and not for all the other channels
• Now if the unit still has the factory firmware, the configuration software won’t start if you don’t update the FW to a valid version, as explained in the instructions the units must not be configured and must not fly with factory firmware
• Now the parameter selection dropdowns of the Windows configurator are opened by clicking in any area of the dropdown instead of the small button on the right as before
• In panel n°1 “General Instructions” of the Wizard, “RadioMaster” has been added to the transmitter drop-down list and “Oxy 5 Nitro” has been added to the model selection list and at the request of some users “Zigsaw AYA” has been added in the blade’s selection dropdown
• In panel n°3 “Receiver Selection” of the Wizard, in the Multiprotocol icon and lateral instructions the Spektrum SRXL2 protocol has been moved to the first position so that it can be more easily and quickly viewed by those who often select by mistake the Spektrum SRXL protocol used only by 4649T receivers
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