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Brain / iKon / Xbar / TracX

Télécharger Brain / iKon / Xbar / TracX (9,99 €) sur iPhone & iPad. Cette application iOS est dans la catégorie Divertissement sur l’App Store.
Brain / iKon / Xbar / TracXBrain / iKon / Xbar / TracXBrain / iKon / Xbar / TracXBrain / iKon / Xbar / TracXBrain / iKon / Xbar / TracXBrain / iKon / Xbar / TracXBrain / iKon / Xbar / TracXBrain / iKon / Xbar / TracXBrain / iKon / Xbar / TracX

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Version : 3.4.059

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 13.0 +

Taille : 73,70 Mo

Prix : 9,99 €

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Application pour tablettes et téléphones iOS. Permet de configurer vos modules flybarless Brain/Ikon/Xbar/Tracx via Bluetooth.

Cette application fonctionne nativement avec les modules MSH ayant la fonction Bluetooth intégrée. Les autres modules nécessitent un module Bluetooth externe MSH pour iOS, vendu séparément.

Pour être pleinement fonctionnelle, l’application nécessite que la dernière version du firmware soit installée dans le module. Si votre appareil dispose d’un accès internet, l’application vous avertira lorsqu’une nouvelle version du firmware est disponible.

Les produits MSH peuvent être achetés auprès des revendeurs officiels MSH.

Version 3.4.059

Changements récents
• Added (only for combustion models that have a clutch: “Is Electric” not selected), the new “Failsafe Idle value” that prevents combustion engines from shutting down in the event of short radio signal interruptions (Fail Safe)
• Added decoding of the new Platinum V5 protocol of Hobbywing (used for now only on new Platinum V5 150A)
• Added for deeper diagnostic purpose purple events for the following YGE, Kontronik, Scorpion, Platinum V5 errors: “ESC: Low voltage protection”, “ESC: Over current protection”, “ESC: Over temperature protection”
• Added decoding of the new F.Bus protocol used with the new FrSky ETHOS transmitters. For now selectable only from the protocols drop-down menu in: ADVANCED => Common => Receiver
• Added a power supply voltage check that prevents the firmware update process from starting if the voltage is too low. This is because by analyzing the external event memory of the Flight Control Units that came back with the processor ROM erased and/or altered, we have seen that in these returns the events “Voltage 4,3V” are always present
• Added in the Firmware update progress windows the red phrase “Do not disconnect and do not remove power and do not close the program until the update process is finished !!!”
• Added a new message box “No Firmware selected” that appear if in the Firmware selection no firmware was selected before click on “Upload Now”
• Added the orange background that warns that the configuration of one of the Wizard panels has not been completed also in panels 9 (Tail Rotor Setup), 10 (Blades Size) and 13 (Flying Style)
• Added in the Bluetooth configuration windows the phrase “Avoid using “special” characters for NAME but use only letters and numbers.” in order to eliminate the problems encountered by some users
• Increased the minimum values for Speed 1, 2, 3 on the Governor page from 500rpm to 1000rpm following problems encountered by some users with some Speed set at 500rpm and with the model losing altitude too quickly
• If “Min V to go” has been set to a number of Lipo Cells greater than 2, but the ESC telemetry is not working due to misconfiguration or miswiring, the throttle will not lock as when there is no active ESC telemetry reading the battery voltage.
• Added in panel 14 (Final checks) an explanation of elevator swashplate movements
• Fixed the Fail Safe behavior with R3XXXXSB / R2XXXXSB receivers (FHSS) when telemetry is used using S.Bus2
• F.Port & F.Port2: eliminated occasional servo movements during Logs download
• Some revision of names, titles, labels, units, instructions & menu order (English and Italian)
• New version of “README_for_ESC_datas_log_and_telemetry.pdf” document
• Improvements/optimization/compression/size reduction/speed up of the code
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