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Télécharger iPeng (10,99 €) sur iPhone & iPad. Cette application iOS est dans la catégorie Musique sur l’App Store.

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Version : 9.7.4

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 9.3 +

Taille : 41,38 Mo

Prix : 10,99 €

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iPeng 9, the music remote for the Logitech® Squeezebox™, has been designed for the latest iOS versions and fully supports all iPhone and iPad form factors.
iPeng 9 is a remote control app that will work all over your home with your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch.

You can also purchase an additional playback capability as an In-App-Purchase that will turn your iPhone or iPad into a full-blown music player for your Squeezebox Server or Roon Server.

*** New in iPeng 9 ***

• Support of iPhone 11, Pro, X/XS and XS Max
• Latest Apple Watch support including Series 5, under watchOS 3 and newer
• Today Widget to use iPeng in Notification Center and on the lock screen.
• Full multitasking support on iPad and iPad Pro, including Split View and Slide Over under iOS 9 and newer.

*** What’s new compared to iPeng Classic? ***

* Full Support of latest iOS Versions *
• iPeng has been redesigned, matching Apple’s flat UI design for an up-to-date appeal, and uses a modernized platform and code base for continuous support of new iOS features.

* Universal App *
• iPeng 9 is a universal app for both iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, so you only have to purchase the app once. Older iPeng versions had separate apps for iPhone and iPad.

* Customizable *
• The customizable main menu allows you to show different menu items in your top level menu or hide things that you don’t need.
• Change the structure of your main menu through a simple drag-and-drop interface.
• You can select a bright or dark color scheme for iPeng, and iPeng can even automatically select it based on your lighting conditions.

* Easier Multi-Room Control *
• The redesigned MultiPlayer Control simplifies handling many players.
• QuickSwitch lets you move playlists from one player to another easily with a swipe of your finger.
• Have direct access to Power/Volume for each connected player and change other player settings in the player details.
• Group players to synchronized groups. Jointly control playback and volume for these groups and move players between them using drag-and-drop or a toolbar.
• Power all players in a group off with a single click when you leave.

* Manage Playlists and Favorites *
• View, save, change and rearrange not only your current playlist but also saved playlists and favorites.

* Works with Logitech Squeezebox and compatible players *
• iPeng 9 works with all Logitech Squeezebox Players as well as many Squeezebox-compatible players like Innuos Zen, the SOtM sMS-1000SQ and sMS-100 or VortexBox players.
• With iPeng Playback, iPeng also works as a player with Roon.

*** Enjoy the familiar features and comfort of iPeng. ***

* Easy and Fast to Use *
• The functionality of iPeng is optimized for speed of use guaranteeing long-term fun.
• Built-in Tutorials help you to learn iPeng’s operation.

* Explore Your Music Library (1) *
• Browse your own files by categories like Albums, Artists, Genres or simply search for your music.

* Explore Remote Services *
• You get access to a whole world of internet radio and music services like Rhapsody™ and Spotify™ and have control over them as if they were in your own library.

* Use 3rd Party Plugins (2) *
• iPeng supports a growing number of 3rd party plugins for Squeezebox™, e.g. CustomBrowse, TrackStat, Music and Artist Information and many more.

* Use *
• iPeng 9 doesn’t require a server to operate your Squeezebox, it also supports Logitech’s online service.

Note: This does not apply to the Playback functionality.

iPeng requires one or more Squeezebox™ or any compatible hard- or software player.
Squeezebox™ is a trademark of Logitech.

(1) LogitechMedia Server/Squeezebox Server version 7.5 or newer available for free from or
(2) Installation of 3rd party plugins in Logitech Media Server required.

Version 9.7.4

Changements récents
iPeng 9.7.4 includes the following fixes:
* Another fix for scrolling issue in Player/Server list

Previous updates:

iPeng 9.7.3 includes the following fixes:
* Scrolling issues in Player/Server list and Current Playlist fixed

iPeng 9.7.2 includes the following fixes:
* Player selection in iOS 13 with and without VoiceOver
* Crash when trying to unsync on iPad on iOS 13.3
* Some new icons
* Add online library rescan option for LMS 8

iPeng 9.7.1 fixes an issue where the MultiPlayer control wasn’t reachable through VoiceOver. Sorry this took so long to fix.
Other fixes:
– Faster artist image rendering with LMS 7.8 and newer
– Some entry fields had wrong coloring in dark mode
– Help screens work better on iPhone X/11
– Improved modal dialogs

iPeng 9.7 supports iOS 13’s dark mode. The “automatic” color scheme setting in iPeng (the default) now lets iPeng use the system-wide dark mode setting for choosing the scheme.
It also contains iOS 13-related bug fixes and some minor improvements e.g. to handling of lock-screen widget commands.

iPeng 9.6.1’s design has been adapted to the new iPad Pro, iPhone XS Max and the Apple Watch Series 4.
It supports the new iPad screen sizes and the homebuttonless user interface.
It contains some bug fixes, particularly for older Apple Watches and minor improvements like a sorted player list.

The following features of Apple Watch Series 4 have been supported since iPeng 9.6:
• multicolored complications
• adjustment of complications to the curves of the dial
• more formats for complications

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