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Modern Military Vehicles

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Modern Military VehiclesModern Military VehiclesModern Military VehiclesModern Military VehiclesModern Military VehiclesModern Military VehiclesModern Military VehiclesModern Military Vehicles

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Modern Military Vehicles is a mini encyclopedia of the most important and influential military vehicles that are currently used around the world.

This pocket compendium app contains over 300 vehicles and lets you explore at a glance:

– the evolution of the main battle tank, from third generation (Leclerc, C1 Ariete, Challenger 2, M1 Abrams and T-80) to third generation advanced (Arjun, Karrar and VT4) and present day fourth generation vehicles (Altay, K2 Black Panther and Type 10),

– the increased use of common platforms (the Russian Armata Universal Combat Platform, the American Stryker platform, the Italian Centauro/Freccia/SuperAV chassis and the South Korean K806/K808 design) or major modules (as is the case of the AS-90, K9 Thunder and AHS Krab or the OF-40, TAM and Palmaria) for multiple vehicles,

– the continued refinement of older designs in order to improve firepower, protection and mobility (Leopard 2A4/A5/A6, Merkava II/III/IV, T-90 and M109A6 Paladin),

– the introduction of advanced heavily armed remote weapon stations, unmanned turrets (T-14/15 Armata, M1128 MGS) and unmanned combat vehicles (Uran-9),

– the diminishing presence of light tanks (like the American Stingray, the Swedish Ikv 91 or the Chinese ZTD-05) on the battlefield,

– the large variety in concepts for infantry fighting vehicles: traditional tracked designs (Ajax, BMD-4, CV90, Dardo, K21, Lynx, Puma, Tulpar, Type 89 or Ulan/Pizarro), multipurpose wheeled vehicles (Boxer, Lazar 2, Fuchs 1/2, Pandur I/II, Patria AMV, Piranha III, VBCI), heavy armoured personnel carriers (including the Achzarit, Namer and BMO-T), mine resistant ambush protected vehicles (the American Cougar or Russian Typhoon series) and infantry support vehicles (BMPT Terminator and Nagmachon),

– the different approaches to tank destroyers: tracked (2S25 Sprut-SD) or wheeled (Rooikat), armed with guns (Type 16 MCV) or anti-tank guided missiles (AFT-10),

– the development of more accurate and mobile self-propelled artillery systems, from the massive tracked 2S19 Msta-S, 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV and PzH 2000 to the more mobile 2S23 Nona-SVK, ATMOS 2000 and G6 Rhino wheeled vehicles and the less expensive Archer, CAESAR, K239 Chunmoo and RM-70 Vampir truck-based howitzers and multiple rocket launchers,

– the advancements in anti-aircraft systems, including self-propelled guns (Lvkv 90, PZA Loara, Type 87), surface-to-air missile platforms (9K37 Buk, S-400 Triumf) and combinations of both (Pantsir-S1, PGZ-09),

– the use of highly specialized engineer vehicles (BAT-2, Trojan AVRE, UR-77 Meteorit, M1150 ABV), bridgelayers (Titan AVLB) and armoured recovery vehicles (BREM-1, CRARRV, Type 90 ARV),

– the large array of purpose-built military light vehicles, from special forces vehicles (like the Desert Patrol Vehicle or the RSOV), tank transporters (M1070 HET or Scammell Commander), trucks (FMTV, KamAZ-4310, MTVR), utility vehicles (GAZ Tigr, Iveco LMV, URO VAMTAC) and special carriers (DT-30P Vityaz).

Each vehicle entry contains at least one image, a short text that summarises the vehicle’s development and service history and a detailed specifications table offering place of origin and production information, crew, weight and dimensions data, armour and armament details, powerplant and performance figures.

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Version 1.1

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