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Détecteur ÉlectroMagnétique +

Télécharger Détecteur ÉlectroMagnétique + (Gratuit) sur iPhone & iPad. Cette application iOS est dans la catégorie Utilitaires sur l’App Store.
Détecteur ÉlectroMagnétique +Détecteur ÉlectroMagnétique +Détecteur ÉlectroMagnétique +Détecteur ÉlectroMagnétique +Détecteur ÉlectroMagnétique +Détecteur ÉlectroMagnétique +

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Version : 1.2.0

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 12.0 +

Taille : 23,93 Mo

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> Find the ElectroMagnetic Fields around you in seconds.
> Organize your life away from the EMF risk zones.

Check out the areas where you work (desk, meeting rooms), where you sleep (bed), where you relax (couch, living room) and find the levels of EMF you are exposed to.
Also use the app to measure the fields emitted by your appliances (computer, fridge, speaker, phone…)

No need to buy expensive equipment.
The EMF Detector app on your phone will help you detect the EMF risk zones.
Feel free to re-organize your home in order to limit lengthy exposure to high EMF zones.

So download now and improve your well-being!


=> What are Electro-Magnetic Fields?
Electro-Magnetic Fields are everywhere around us, in everything that is electric or electronic. Think about computers, phones, power lines, cellular towers, lights, Wi-Fi, Smart TVs… All these items emit low-frequency radiations around them.
These Electro Magnetic Radiations can interfere with other electronic items. That is why you can sometimes see glitches on a TV or distortion in sound or music.
Our world will continue to showcase incremental interconnection with appliances that emit EMF. These tools have provided an enormous range of benefits for humans. But it is necessary to keep in mind all impacts on well being.

=> Why should I care?
Numerous studies have shown impacts on biological creatures. There are still discussions around the seriousness of the harm it could cause to human beings though. Our bodies are a complex network of cells, brains, and matter that are sensitive to the outside world in ways we do not fully understand yet.
Research seems to indicate impacts on well being, disturbing sleep cycles and affecting our immune system. Globally it could contribute to numerous health problems. As a result, cautionary behavior is recommended for all and especially for people looking to improve their well being.

=> What can I do?
Use this application to detect EMF exposure around you. Walk around your house with the app and spot the locations with high radiations.
Make sure to limit the time spent next to these zones, especially during extended periods like during sleep.
So place your couch, your bed and your sofa away from these spots. Check the emission levels around places where you spent a lot of time: your kitchen, living room, bedroom. Check your laptop, TV, alarm clock, cell phones, Wi-Fi, air conditioner…
But also measure exposure outside your home: where you work, where you practice sport. Also, limit exposure to cell towers that emit a high level of EMF.

Please Note:
– This app will not work on an iPod Touch since it does not have a compass hardware.
– This app does not guarantee exact measures as other fields can interfere with the compass inside your phone, which is used to detect the fields.
– This app does not claim scientific accuracy and should be used for entertainment purpose only.

Version 1.2.0

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