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Mela – Recipe Manager

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Mela - Recipe ManagerMela - Recipe ManagerMela - Recipe ManagerMela - Recipe ManagerMela - Recipe ManagerMela - Recipe ManagerMela - Recipe ManagerMela - Recipe ManagerMela - Recipe ManagerMela - Recipe ManagerMela - Recipe ManagerMela - Recipe ManagerMela - Recipe ManagerMela - Recipe Manager

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Version : 2.3.1

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 15.0 +

Taille : 19,60 Mo

Prix : Gratuit

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Mela is a simple, elegant and modern recipe manager that syncs with iCloud.

Sync your recipes with iCloud, either privately (default) or by sharing a recipe library with other iCloud users.

Quickly save a recipe while browsing: If Mela detects a recipe on the currently viewed page, it will be displayed in Mela’s native recipe viewer*, on the same screen on the iPad and a swipe-left away on the iPhone. Want to add or view a recipe from outside of Mela? No problem, just use Mela’s sharing extension.

Subscribe to your favorite recipe blogs to view all the recipes in Mela’s native recipe viewer*.

The cook mode makes it easy to follow all steps while cooking, displayed using a larger font to make sure everything stays readable even when you’re not right in front of your device. You can add multiple recipes to the cook mode, easily letting you switch between them.

No need to switch to another app for setting up a timer. When in cooking mode, Mela let’s you easily create and manage timers.
Timers come with support for Live Activities (iOS 16.1+).

Scan a recipe from a book: With the help of text recognition, you can just add it to your personal collection and view it in Mela’s native recipe viewer, as any other recipe.

Mela uses the to manage your grocery list. This has the advantage that you’re always able to access your grocery list on all your devices even if Mela is not installed on a specific device.

Do your meal planning by using Mela’s built-in calendar. It’s managed by which also has the advantage that you’re always able to access it on all your devices. There’s also a widget, showing you the next planned meal from your calendar.

Recipes can be organized in categories, marked as “Favorite” or as “Want to Cook”.

Of course, Mela supports printing in case there’s a recipe you want to have on paper or save as PDF.

Please note:
If iCloud Sync is enabled (default), Mela will sync these items with iCloud:
– Recipes
– Browser bookmarks
– Subscription list (feeds)
Not synced:
– Feed recipe entries
– Browser history
Groceries are always stored in

Mela is free to download but will require a one-time purchase to unlock all features.

* Extracting recipes only works for websites that support this, most of them do.

Version 2.3.1

Changements récents
This update addresses a potential iCloud sync issue.

What’s new in 2.3:

Ready for iOS 17.

Improved on-device machine learning powered importer (requires iOS 17):
– Mela should now provide much better results when importing recipes from sites where it has to use its ML-powered importer.
– Improved web recipe import support for Spanish, Dutch, Danish and Swedish.

– Improved text extraction when scanning recipes

– Various minor bugfixes and improvements

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