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mimamu - Instagram analysismimamu - Instagram analysismimamu - Instagram analysismimamu - Instagram analysis

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Version : 2.1

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 12.0 +

Taille : 26,24 Mo

Prix : Gratuit

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Curious about your Story viewers?
(-)Did your crush view your Story?
(-)Did a hater mute you?
(-)Do you have any stalkers?

Instagram features minimal Story insights that disappear after 24 hours, whereas mimamu permanently saves the viewer list for each Story, conducts data analysis over time, and displays analytics in a user-friendly way.

–>See if you have any stalkers who peek at your Story but don’t follow you
–>Learn who never views your story and may have even muted you
–>See what percentage of your Stories your followers and non-followers has viewed
–>Access the viewer list for every Story you since downloading the app
–>Find out who usually views your Story before anyone else

mimamu categorizes your viewers by:
*FRIEND: someone you follow & follows you back – see exactly what % of your Stories they view
*HATER: someone who follows you but never views your Story – maybe they muted you?
*QUICKIE: a follower or non-follower who always views your Story before anyone else
*FAN: a follower you don’t follow back – see exactly what % of your Stories they view
*STALKER: an Instagram user who doesn’t follow you, but took a peak at your Story
*IDOL & TWO FACED: someone who doesn’t follow you back, but was caught viewing your Story

–>Search your viewer list for specific usernames
–>Click on a username to see more of their viewing analysis from your past Stories
–>Filter insights from past Stories by time frame (the last 7 days, month, or year)
–>Discover trends
–>Sort reports by category (Friend, Stalker, Fan, and more)

–>You have a new Stalker
–>You have fresh insights on your Stories from the past week
–>You have brand new insights on a new Story

–>Story Ratings: know what people really think about your story
–>’Online Now’ screen: see a list of friends who are currently online
–>Learn if someone skipped your Story or sent it to a friend via DM
–>Easily share mimamu lists and insights with friends

–>mimamu has no access to your Instagram login or password
–>We will never post to Instagram on your behalf or share your private information with a third party

Have a question? Let’s talk! Email us at: [email protected]

Version 2.1

Changements récents
New Features: “Online Friends”, who’s not following you back, who skipped your story and more.
Bug Fixes
4/5 - (139 votes)

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