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Version : 5.5.0

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 13.0 +

Taille : 491,95 Mo

Prix : Gratuit

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With REALITY, live broadcasting is made easy! Whether it’s streaming virtual avatars or real time game chats with friends, just a tap keeps you in touch!

Now is your chance to hit the ground running on a brand new, totally original virtual community!


Customize Your Avatar!
Fully customize your 3D avatar just the way you like—it’s all you!
Give your stream some flair with seasonal costumes and cute onesies! You can change your look to fit your mood.
With your phone’s selfie camera, REALITY translates your head and facial movements directly onto your avatar, bringing it to life!

Broadcast Live!
You can start your own stream in seconds!
And since viewers can only see your avatar, you can keep your identity totally secret!
Need content to get started? Play drawing and card games while you stream!

Watch Live!
Watch popular streamers and entertaining content whenever you want!
You can even send interactive 3D gifts, chat, and more to make broadcasts more fun!
REALITY features a less than 1-second lag, unpixelated high quality graphics, and low-data viewing settings for everyone to enjoy! (*Note: Does not apply to all content.)

Find Your Online Tribe!
Join virtual communities with your customized avatar!
Check out collab streams with up to 4 people as they play games and quizzes!
Connect with others using chat outside the stream!


We recommend REALITY if you:
・Are into vtubers, youtube, or live broadcasting!
・Just love dressing up avatars!
・Love having fun chatting with others!
・Want to show everyone how awesome you can sing!
・Want to make friends that share your interests!
・Want someone to root for!
・Want to make your mark on the streaming stage!
・Are interested in VR, AR, and 3D content!


Version 5.5.0

Changements récents
Thank you for using REALITY!
This update includes the following

Version 5.5.0 Update information:
– It is now possible to attach multiple face stickers.
– We have upgraded to Unity 2019.4.
– Minor bug fixes.

We will do our best to make REALITY more exciting in the future.
Thank you for your continued support!


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