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Hurricane Tracker

Télécharger Hurricane Tracker (Gratuit) sur iPhone & iPad. Cette application iOS est dans la catégorie Météo sur l’App Store.
Hurricane TrackerHurricane TrackerHurricane TrackerHurricane TrackerHurricane TrackerHurricane TrackerHurricane TrackerHurricane TrackerHurricane TrackerHurricane Tracker

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Version : 5.1

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 13.0 +

Taille : 9,91 Mo

Prix : Gratuit

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14 years of tracking storms on iOS! Hurricane Tracker launched in Aug 2009! Over 300,000 active users!

Hurricane Tracker is the most used & most comprehensive tracking app available on any platform. What makes Hurricane Tracker different from the others in the App Store:

• Receive push alerts (by region) when a new storm forms or threatens landfall
• 65+ maps/images
• Current storm count widget
• Audio Updates
• In-depth written discussions and analysis from our team
• Real-time National Hurricane Center Updates (All NHC advisories & maps)
• Custom graphics from our team of experts. Exclusive “Alert Level” & “Impact Potential” maps. Not just basic NHC info.
• Share information with friends/family via email, SMS, Facebook & Twitter
• Super detailed tropical wave/invest information
• Dozens of satellites
• Much, much more!

There’s no other hurricane-tracking app out there that can match the amount of information you get-we guarantee it. Get the information you need to make informed decisions. Review our app store ratings for all versions over our 14 year history on the App Store. 4.8 star average!

We charge for our app because it’s not just an automated product, our team is constantly creating graphics & writing detailed discussions to keep you informed. This is our full-time job – keeping you ahead of the storms.

Hurricane Tracker covers The Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Atlantic Ocean & Eastern Pacific. Our app also covers any storms that may affect Hawaii.

We DO NOT cover storms near Australia and the Western Pacific.

“Hurricane Tracker for iPad” is also available as a stand-alone app with a separate fee.


*Houston Press: “Finally, there is Hurricane Tracker. This app may have the best interface of the bunch, with a sliding set of navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen. This one, unlike either of the others, has audio and video updates”.

*Email from Customer Scott DeLacy: “With the new maps under Outlook, you have SURPASSED everyone else out there…Hurricane Tracker is now British Virgin Islands Airways’ primary tropical data source, No one comes close”.

*Valued Customer Ray 007: “As good a review as you can give a service!”

*Valued Customer Dale Gattis: “I’ve been using this and Hurricane for the last two years and I have really come to rely on this app exclusively. Excellent!”


Web: www.hurrtracker.com

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @hurrtrackerapp (live, real-time updates)

*Hurricane Tracker is a data-intensive application. A WiFi or strong cellular signal is recommended for the best experience.

Version 5.1

Changements récents
– We are introducing active storm widgets! No more opening the app to see if there are active systems. See this information right on your home screen!

Small widget – will display up to 4 storm types. When there are active systems, this widget will only display storm types with active storms. When there are no active storms, it will display 4 storm categories (hurricanes, tropical storms, depressions & invests) showing “0” storms.

Medium widget – will always display up the 5 storm types even if they are “0”.

Widgets will automatically refresh and pull the latest storm counts from the server. Widgets will also update when you launch the app. When you tap on a widget, you will be taken to the “Current Storms” section of the app to view information on active storms. Storm types with active systems will animate and show the number of active storms within each storm type. The number represents how many active systems there currently are within that storm type. For example, if “hurricanes” is showing a “1” then that means there is one active hurricane we are tracking. The storm types are hurricanes (red), tropical storms (orange), depressions (green), potential tropical cyclones (blue), and invests (teal). Note: Due to limited space within the small widget, it will only show up to 4 storm types at once. The medium widget will always show the status of all 5 storm types.

Widgets will display Atlantic or Eastern Pacific storm counts based on your “default basin settings” located in the settings panel of the app.

– Bug fixes

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