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Curve | Supercharge your moneyCurve | Supercharge your moneyCurve | Supercharge your moneyCurve | Supercharge your moneyCurve | Supercharge your moneyCurve | Supercharge your moneyCurve | Supercharge your moneyCurve | Supercharge your money

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Version : 4.13.1

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 15.0 +

Taille : 296,60 Mo

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What is Curve?

Curve is not a bank. It’s a single card connecting all your debit cards and credit cards in one.

Supercharge your money with Curve

Pay from any account with just one card
Remember just one PIN
Go Back in Time® to switch payments from one card to another, up to 30 days after you’ve paid
Eliminate foreign exchange fees from any card. Yes, even your credit cards.
See what you’re spending across all your cards at once
Get live notifications
Manage your business expenses more seamlessly, with receipts and categories of spend
Make any card work with Apple Pay/Google Pay

All your cards in one

Add any Mastercard, Visa or Discover card to Curve. This creates your digital Curve Wallet so you can spend from any account with just one card. Whatever card you select in the app is the card we charge when you tap. You can pay with your physical Curve card, or add your Curve card to your phone, smartwatch, FitBit, Garmin or other wearable device. If your bank or credit card doesn’t support Apple Pay or Google Pay – just add it to Curve and leave your wallet behind.

American Express not yet supported

Go Back in Time®

The power to switch payments from one card to another. A tiny time machine in your pocket. Whether you’ve accidentally paid with the wrong card or need to reshuffle your finances, you can always press rewind with Curve.

Travel benefits

The power to escape fees on all your cards when you travel. Banks and credit cards can charge as much as 3% every time you spend abroad. Add the same cards to Curve to avoid foreign transaction fees no matter what card you use. You get the Mastercard rate on all your cards, with no sneaky fees or markups. And you can withdraw up to €200/month with no foreign ATM withdrawal fees.

Curve Insights

The power to see your spending history across all your cards at once. Always wondering where your money goes each month? Curve gives you 20/20 vision with all your account balances and spending history in one place. Get categorised breakdowns of what you’ve spent, when you’ve spent, and where you’ve spent it. You will also get live notifications every time you spend to stop fraudulent activity in its tracks.

Extra security

The power to protect your money with an extra level of security. When you add all your cards to Curve, you can lock and unlock your Curve card instantly in the app. So if anyone gets their hands on your Curve card, they can’t use it. And you only ever have to replace one card, not your whole wallet. Curve Customer protection is very similar to the section 75 protection you get with a credit card – but applies to any card you’ve added to Curve. So all your purchases can be protected against fraud.

Anti-Embarrassment Mode

The power to stop declines in their tracks. By adding all your cards to Curve, you can select back up cards to step in and save you from a decline. If the card you’ve selected has insufficient funds for example, we’ll automatically try your backup cards so you don’t get declined.

You need to be 18 years or older to sign up to Curve.

*Terms and privacy policy apply at FX subject to caps and weekend charges. Cashback with selected retailers.

Version 4.13.1

Changements récents
This release includes minor bug fixes, and we’ve laid down the foundations for cool upcoming features.
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