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VirtuCamera (Unlimited)

Télécharger VirtuCamera (Unlimited) (5,99 €) sur iPhone & iPad. Cette application iOS est dans la catégorie Graphisme et design sur l’App Store.
VirtuCamera (Unlimited)VirtuCamera (Unlimited)VirtuCamera (Unlimited)VirtuCamera (Unlimited)VirtuCamera (Unlimited)VirtuCamera (Unlimited)

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Version : 1.4.2

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 12.1 +

Taille : 27,88 Mo

Prix : 5,99 €

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An essential tool for Layout Artists, Animators and any 3D Artist that needs to animate a camera. Move your device in any direction, VirtuCamera will capture the motion and instantly send it over Wi-Fi to your camera in Blender® or Autodesk® Maya® software.

– Live Viewport Streaming
See your scene through the App in real time. VirtuCamera streams the viewport over Wi-Fi so you don’t miss any detail.

– Control the scene from the App
Control the playback, choose from your scene cameras, animate the focal length or scale camera movements to travel long distances.

– Up to 60 FPS
Device motion and viewport streaming are captured and sent at up to 60 frames per second. You can configure this parameter at your needs.

– Camera Stabilizer
Remove unwanted hand noise and create smooth camera animations.

– Custom Scripts
Create your own buttons that will call custom scripts directly from the App (Only available for Maya)

Minimum system requirements:
-A computer powerful enough to play your 3D scenes.
-A recent version of Windows®, MacOS® or Linux® operating system.
-A stable network connection.
-Blender® 2.80 (and above) or Autodesk® Maya® 2017 software (and above).
-The latest version of the plug-in provided in our webpage.

Here you can find the installation guide for the plugin:

We plan to release new plug-ins for other 3D softwares in the future, send us your preferred 3D softwares to [email protected]

Our Terms And Conditions:

Version 1.4.2

Changements récents
– New plug-in for Maya 2022 with Python 3 support.
– Blender add-on updated with minor bug fixes.
– Support for PyVirtuCamera. A Python API that will open to the community the development of plug-ins for new DCCs.
– Minor bug fixes.
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