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Version : 2.9.86

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 12.3 +

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From Vetcalculators, the number 1 Veterinary Calculator Site!
Developed by a Veterinarian for Veterinarians.

Veterinary Calculators included:
Emergency Drugs, Anesthetics, CRI’s, Fluids, Antibiotics, Common Veterinary Drugs (My Drugs), Calorie Requirements, Blood Glucose Curve generator, Chocolate Toxicity, Rodenticide Poisoning, Blood Transfusions, Blood Pressure, Trauma Triage calculators, Feline Grimace Pain Scale, Modified Glasgow Coma Score, Cushing’s Diagnostic Prediction Tool, IRIS Stages, Pregnancy Due Date and Pet Age calculators, and Unit Conversion Calculators
Quick and easy drug dose search and calculations on the Home page! Type a Drug name in the searchbar and calculate a dose.

Veterinary References:
Dailymed Drug label search, Pain Scale, Normal Lab values, Heartworm Treatment protocol, Lab Test Protocols, Microchip Lookup, Vertebral Heart Score, BCS Charts, ACVIM Mitral Valve Disease 2019 Consensus Guidelines, ACVIM Feline Cardiomyopathy 2020 Consensus Guidelines, Dental Charts, Feline and Canine AAHA Vaccination Guidelines, Flea and Tick Product info, Poisonous Plants, Dog and Cat Breed search, RECOVER Guidelines

Searchbar on Home Page for all included Vetcalculators Drugs. Type the drug’s name and it will popup in a window for a quick and easy drug calculation without ever leaving the Home page. Changing a dose or concentration is saved.

Scan Documents or QR Codes with integrated Scan function

Add your own Drugs to the Anesthetic, Antibiotics, My Drugs and Emergency Drugs pages
Add your favorite web links in My Links and your own Lab Test Protocols
Easily generate a chart for blood glucose curves
Calculates drug dosages as you type
Change any drug dose easily
Option to enter individual Pet info and save patients in the App
Built in popup Numeric Calculator – no need to leave the App for simple calculations
Set Color, Theme and Toolbar (floating Button or fixed toolbar) preferences
Hide pounds input for International users
Sort App Links, Anesthetics, Antibiotics, My Drugs and Emergency Drugs in any order. Hide drugs you don’t use.
Search/Filter drugs on My Drugs, Anesthetics, Antibiotics and Emergency pages
Works offline
Print your results or save and share them as a PDF

Version 2.9.86

Changements récents
New: Added a Cushing’s Diagnostic Prediction Tool
Fixed Pregnancy calculator calendar international date bug.
Print layout improvements
Added missing BCS values below 4 on calories page used in calculating ideal weights
Updated IRIS Staging page to the most current IRIS recommendations and moved it to home page from References Page. New: Added an IRIS Staging Calculator. Enter the Creatinine, SDMA, BP and UP/C values to calculate IRIS Stage
New:Patients button is now located in the bottom toolbar. Improved the Patient panel layout
New:Added a background color highlight when an individual drug is selected on a page to make it easier to view the selected drug.
Fixed Drug search popup to prevent inadvertant clicking of background page link when popup was closed
Updated the CRI page drug layout, fixed typos
Updated the Trauma Triage page layout and bug fixes
New: Added Adequan, Pentoxifylline, Gabapentin suspension (50mg/ml, 100mg/ml),Oxytetracycline, Norepinephrine CRI, Atropine 0.4mg/ml, Hydroxyzine 10mg/5ml,Itraconazole, added missing concentration for Acepromazine on the Anesthesia page.

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