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Calendar Timeline

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Calendar Timeline

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Version : 1.0.21

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 13.0 +

Taille : 1,66 Mo

Prix : 1,99 €

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With the Calendar Timeline App for watchOS you’ll get a nice overview of the calendar entries within the next seven days – also reminder for today and earlier are supported in one single app.

The app comes with a set of complications – also with a nice big complication for Infograph Modular watchface. There you’ll see all events and reminder of the day and got the next one display above. This complication supports up to 6 calendars at the same time.

HUGE Update: Now you can choose you favorite style!

· Fixed timeline: As before, fixed timespan vom 6 am to 12 am

· Dynamic timeline: The timeline shows the timespan from first to last event of the day with 1 hour padding each

· Dynamic timeline with actual time: Like dynamic but with the actual time marker (if before first event)

· Moving timeline: You will see a 4 hour timespan for the future and the timeline ist moving through the day (only style where the next day do not get shown when after 6 pm and past the last event)

· Also you can choose if you like the full big image on your watch face or like the next event text on top of the timeline.

· You can switch on text in timeline which (mostly) fully displays your event text.

· Even add you favorite tint color (disables text in timeline).

With these settings you can configure your own style on you own watch face!

** NOTE ** The big graph complication only runs with Apple Watch Series 4 and higher (Infograph Modular or Infograph Compact watch faces)

Version 1.0.21

Changements récents
This update:

· [Changed] List in app shows all events of today (not only upcoming)

Previous updates:

· [Fixed] 3-day-view again with text
· [Fixed] 3 and 7-day-view do not show only next day after 4 pm and past last event
· [Fixed] French language adjustments
· [Added] Russian language
· [Changed] All-day events with text and moving style now also with moving text within event bar
· [Changed] Reminder with due date shown as events not sorted correctly
· [Added] Portuguese language

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