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Heart Reports

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Heart ReportsHeart ReportsHeart ReportsHeart ReportsHeart ReportsHeart Reports

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Version : 2.3.5

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 14.0 +

Taille : 13,85 Mo

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This application lets you generate detailed reports about your health data stored in Apple Health. You can export the report as a PDF file, which you can share with your doctor.

You can generate six different reports:
• Heart Rate Report: minimum, maximum, and average heart rate data, heart rate variability(HRV), graphs, and more
• Blood Pressure Report: scatter and simple line graphs of your blood pressure readings combined with the corresponding heart rate, body temperature, and 12-hour nutritional intake values(sodium, caffeine, carbohydrates)
• Blood Sugar Report: all of your blood glucose readings with nutritional intake values, heart rate ranges, and classifications based on your diabetes type
• Activity Report: four charts from your step count, burned calories, BMI, and body weight
• Sleep Report: visualized sleep cycles with heart rate data, asleep, awake, and in-bed times, nutritional values, and more
• Blood Oxygen Report: all of your blood oxygen readings with minimum, maximum and average data, combined with your heart rate info

The generated PDF or CSV file can be uploaded automatically to your iCloud Drive. The reports are available in 7 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Greek, Italian and Hungarian.

Advanced features include:
• If you use Apple Health to log your symptoms, you can display your symptoms on the report alongside with your measurements
• Support for Shortcuts, automating the creation of monthly reports and more
• Data can also be exported to a JSON file for more complex data analysis
• Annotate your report to provide more detailed information about specific records and values

My app also supports all three widget sizes: you can place a heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, step count, burned calories count, body weight, blood oxygen, BMI, water intake or heart rate variability widget on your home screen. You can customize the colors, units, and date ranges as-well.

For this app to work, you need to have health data stored in Apple Health(HealthKit). If you don’t have a device that records these data automatically, you can use my app too to enter your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood glucose data with a simple interface, where you can specify all three values on a single screen. Ideal if you don’t have a smart blood pressure or blood sugar monitor.

I respect your privacy, so the report is generated on your phone and the data is not shared or transmitted anywhere. It works completely offline and I don’t have access to any of your health data at all.

Heart Reports is a FREE app and you can export 1 PDF file without paying a penny. Unlimited exports are available for a one-time in-app purchase.

Version 2.3.5

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Fixed an alignment issue on the date selector on smaller screens.
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