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Driving in China – theory test

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Driving in China - theory testDriving in China - theory testDriving in China - theory testDriving in China - theory testDriving in China - theory testDriving in China - theory testDriving in China - theory testDriving in China - theory test

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Version : 3.6

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 9.0 +

Taille : 120,57 Mo

Prix : 7,99 €

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Get your drivers license for China with the latest 1569 questions from 2019. Driving in China includes the experience and feedback of many years helping foreigners and locals to pass the mandatory theoretical test. Feedback and suggestions from hundreds of users is constantly included to provide the best possible preparation.

### Recommended by the Traffic Bureau Shanghai ###

This is the ONLY app with ALL the latest questions. If you want to pass this is your best choice !

Don’t want to learn on a tiny screen ? Visit our website www.chinesedriverslicensetest.com for the online, MAC or PC version with the latest updates and additional features which runs on any OS, any browser and any device.

To take the mandatory written exam Driving in China is all you need !
Over 12000 passed exams already !

Train with Driving in China for 2 weeks and you are ready and WILL pass.


#### Study #####
– Choose a set of question you want to study, read through them 1 by 1
– 1569 questions for the car license , split in 10 groups for easy learning
– All trafic signs and police gestures, rules and regulations
– The new penalty point system
– Favorites, create your own learning lists to remember tricky questions

#### Training ####
– Multiple Choice training
– True/false questions
– The 100 hardest questions to remember
– Configure your training (learn only new,wrong or the forgotten, randomly sorted or 1 by 1)
– Training statistics (right, wrong, forgotten , untrained)
– Training questions can be switched between english,chinese and german

### Info ###
– Read a summary of most important rules and regulations

#### Exam Simulation ####
– Try to answer 100 questions in 45 minutes and see if you would have passed
– Analyse the wrong answers
– Skip questions and repeat them later like in the real exam
– Adapt the exam settings to your needs (time, number of questions etc.)

#### Feedback ####
– You have found a bug ?
– You have a good suggestion how to improve this ?
– You can provide a better translation ?
– Get a coupon for the web version !

With this app you will pass and get you chinese
drivers license in no time !

Thanks to all the students … and drive safely !

Version 3.6

Changements récents
– Bugfixes
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