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Street Kart Racing Game – GT

Télécharger Street Kart Racing Game – GT (2,49 €) sur iPhone & iPad. Cette application iOS est dans la catégorie Jeux sur l’App Store.
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Version : 1.5.2

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 11.0 +

Taille : 1,06 Go

Prix : 2,49 €

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Race an inch from the track at speeds up to 80 mph (125 kph) in Pro Racing Karts. 4 Tiers of Real Time Championships. No. 1 paid multiplayer racing game over 100 countries! (App Annie). Best of 2020/21! Download Now. The road to f1 / nascar / indycar / GT all starts in a kart.

“You’ll never find another game like it. So competitive… It’s more than just a game.”
Marijn Kremers, FIA-CIK World and European Kart Champion (KZ)

“I stopped real racing 3 as soon as I found this game.”
Mika Francis. App Store Review.

“If you like racing games such as Assoluto Racing or GT you’ll love this.”

Similar karts, similar engines. Always close, fast, competitive.

This is Street Kart Racing.

If you need something new, original and ultra competitive, a real racing game, SK is it. (Nothing like Formula 1 !)

⁃ The No.1 go kart game that will entertain you for months
– Awesome physics. A real sim racer.
⁃ Challenging, fun, rewarding, the car racing game you wanted.
⁃ No Assists. No Excuses. Real racing tiers up to 80 mph.
⁃ Tested for authenticity by hundreds of go kart – rally – car racing drivers including world champions.

Karting: the road to F1, nascar, indycar starts in Cadet Karts

⁃ Race Real People, Real Tracks, Similar Kit.
⁃ Beat EVERYONE to become world go karting champion
⁃ Single & multiplayer competition

Sure we’re on the grid to win, and race hard in grand prix. In the pits we all help each other out.

⁃ Tips, tricks, advice.
⁃ A community of over 18,000.
⁃ Create rivalries, join the banter, and always have someone to race. And they’re all pretty awesome.

Chat SK, Indycar, Nascar, F1.

Assoluto racing to go cart racers. Even F1 racing drivers play SK. The no.1 go kart game on iOS.

Facebook Connect
With one touch all your friends are found, rivals formed and you’re in a league with them. Switch on push notifications.

– WEATHER: If it is raining at the track in real life it is raining in the game. We simulate everything. Rain, drizzle, hot and cold temperatures affect tire choice and grip. Air pressure affects the power delivered by the engine, speed and your lap time. More thought than your average racing game.
– CHOICE: Like F1,Nascar or Indycar a range of tire compounds from different brands.
– RIVALRIES: Win your own personal battle and earn sponsorship.
– UPGRADES: Make complex kart / racing game choices: exhaust, seats, brakes, fuel, engines, tyre pressures and setup: Making you fast, slow, grip, drift.

We’re the no.1 go kart game. Here’s why:
– Street Kart Racing is about epic grand prix rivalries against real people.
– Close: Race in closely matched go karts from real brands – none of this massive upgrade, automatic win! We race in tenths!
– Compete against pro kart/ car racing drivers! Yes, they play Street Kart Racing Game.
– Real Tracks. Our grid: PFI, Adria, Wackersdorf, Mariembourg, Las Vegas Todd Road, and many more. No F1 tracks here.

Like Assoluto Racing – practice in solo mode with the 2018 World Champions Rosberg Racing Academy. Improve your set ups and racing skills with real racing lines in our solo racing simulator. This is a proper driving game. Test out different physics setups.


Development Team
Street Kart Racing has ambassadors who race at the highest level of professional go kart racing / car / GT racing – helping perfect the racing game simulator physics. You’ll find them on race tracks worldwide aiming to reach F1, Nascar, Indycar..
This is the Most Competitive Driving Game For Mobile.

About Us
We’re a small team but we don’t believe that should mean average. Your grand prix experience playing Street Kart Racing gt should be the most fun driving game on mobile.

Version 1.5.2

Changements récents
Welcome to Street Kart Racing. We’re a small, independent developer determined to give you the most competitive, exciting, real racing experience on iOS. We rely hugely on your feedback and ratings to help improve the game and support further development. Please join the SK Community on and follow us on for updates from the dev team and the SK Community.


– Fixes for a number of small bugs preventing players from starting the game from Norway and in Arabic Language
– Further update to Cadet Controls and Physics to increase Cadet Kart responsiveness

– A fix to resolve ‘dead zone’ in the controllers with the new Ackermann settings
– Resolves issues of lack of response from new controllers.

NOTE: Classic Tilt will be the same as the old settings before the update.


– New Tilt option – turn your drivers head as you turn round a corner
– New Controls – we’ve added an Ackermann setting so you can now adjust the rate of turn of the kart – just like real life, easier to ‘jack up’ the inside wheel on a turn. Adjust up or down depending on the track type.

– Brand New Cadets – for those driver who struggled to get to grips with the physics and kart handling/controls – we’ve completely reworked this part of the game.
– Faster Cadet Karts – more fun, more enjoyment, better handling
– New Tracks – La Conca, Whilton Mill National circuit, Todd Road and PFI all feature in the new Cadets
– Aces Race Meets in Cadets

– improvements for older devices

– Big update to the game engine to make gameplay smoother

– added fuel indicator so you know which fuel is in which kart
– lots of small comms improvements across the game

– Final preparation for our monthly subscription service where you can earn 2X-4X on Aces Race meets, beating Target Rivals, and have a personal trainer to always keep you at your optimum weight – and of course, you can swap tiers once per season.
– Race Pass Special Events preparation

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