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Version : 1.6

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 12.0 +

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Prix : 3,49 €

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‘The emulation here of actual photographic film may be the best around, even compared to stalwarts like Hipstamatic and VSCO’– PC Magazine

Filmborn: Better Photos. Less Time.

● Film live-preview
Compose and expose your photos while previewing your subject with a film-preset applied. This feature is on by default and will help you take the perfect shot as soon as the shutter clicks.

● Gesture-based white balance and exposure
Slide your thumb up/down to adjust exposure and left/right to set the white balance. These two key features will allow you to achieve a correctly exposed photo with perfect skin tones at the moment of capture. Do this with film live-preview turned on to accomplish what we call a ‘zero-click edit.’

● True-to-Film Presets
Mastin Labs’ proprietary color science makes it so no other app can match film as accurately as Filmborn. We perform intensive side-by-side comparisons between actual film scans from a Fuji Frontier Scanner, and identical digital images shot with the iPhone, to give your iPhone photos the elegant and timeless look of real film.

● Highlight clipping
Preserve details in your highlights by using our highlight clipping tool. That sky is not white, that sheet of paper is not blank, and your friend does have individual teeth. Turning on this camera tool will allow you to see in real-time where your whites/highlights are being blown out and replaced by pure white. Slide your thumb down on the screen to lower exposure and bring detail back into the highlights.

● Custom Camera kits
Personalize Filmborn with up to three custom cameras, each configured for your specific uses, such as a street or portrait photography. From the camera configuration panel, select a viewfinder, virtual lens, and film-preset. To save, press and hold on a kit button. Tap the small triangle in the bottom left to access and switch between your camera kits at a moment’s notice. No need for a lens case and fanny pack, you can switch between 3 specialized cameras with just a tap.

● Curves
All-or-nothing contrast sliders don’t work so we gave you total control of tones. Filmborn’s Custom Curves is the photo editing tool you didn’t know you needed. This powerful darkroom feature gives you independent power of shadows, mid tones, and highlights in your photos, allowing maximum creative control.

● Last Photo Review
Preview the previous photo you took without leaving the camera. Press and hold your thumb on the library icon in the bottom right of the camera. The last picture you took will pop up. To exit, release your thumb from the screen.

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Share your questions or suggestions by contacting us from the settings panel of Filmborn.

Version 1.6

Changements récents
• Optimized for iOS 13
• Supports iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max devices
• Triple-lens support
• Deep Fusion functionality! Users on iOS 13.2 or later, and using one of the 2019 iPhones, will notice significant image quality improvements. Users on devices with Smart HDR support (iPhone XS, XS Max, XR) should see some improvements, too (iOS 13 required)
• Dark Mode compatibility
• Bug fixes and performance improvements

Known Issues:
• When using the camera with Live-View filter preview turned on (film icon with an eye), the screen can sometimes appear black. If this occurs, try tapping the Live-View filter button to turn this function off and then tap on again, this should reset the viewfinder preview. If this does not fix the issue, shut down and relaunch Filmborn.
• Photos shot with Live-View filter preview turned on may sometimes appear black when saved to the photo library. To fix this, open the picture through the native Apple Photo app, tap ‘Edit’ and then select ‘Revert.’

We are working on an update that will fix these issues. Please report any other problems you may experience. We will work quickly to resolve them. Thank you!

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