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Podium Timer Pro

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Podium Timer ProPodium Timer ProPodium Timer ProPodium Timer ProPodium Timer ProPodium Timer ProPodium Timer ProPodium Timer ProPodium Timer ProPodium Timer Pro

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Version : 1.1

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 9.0 +

Taille : 11,43 Mo

Prix : 1,99 €

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Podium Timer Pro is a simple, elegant, and versatile timer designed for public speakers, and for those timing them. Podium Timer Pro is ready-to-go for individuals, and can be instantly upgraded for use by event staff or AV professionals to synchronize and remotely control one or multiple iOS devices from a single iOS device wirelessly (BluetoothLE-capable devices required).

Whether you are giving a talk, presentation, speech, or lecture, Podium Timer Pro replaces your wristwatch on the podium with something you can actually read and that helps you pace your delivery.

Podium Timer Pro lets you easily configure the length of your talk (up to 99 minutes) as well as the lengths of the three time periods that let you know the end is near. Podium Timer Pro comes with beautiful “skins”, and for each of these looks, you can pick the number colors and effects that are most appropriate for the lighting at your venue.

In addition to the standard countdown timer, Podium Timer Pro also displays the elapsed time as well as the current time. All views can be seen with just a simple swipe of a nervous finger, or Podium Timer Pro can even automatically cycle through the different timers.

You can also include messages or reminders to yourself (or send to others after upgrades) during the talk without missing a beat.

If your job is to time someone’s speech, Podium Timer Pro will even keep track of the elapsed time when you (quietly) receive a text message, a calendar reminder, or even a phone call!

As requested by users of our previous apps, Podium Timer and Podium Timer HD, the following features have been added to Podium Timer Pro,
• Runs on any iOS 9.0+ device (e.g. “universal”)
• 13 alert sounds configurable for the end of each phase of the talk
• Show or hide timer descriptions depending on lighting
• Flash or do not flash time when talk is running overtime

With either In-App Purchase upgrade,
• Any BluetoothLE-enabled device can act as either the controller/master or as a synchronized clone (e.g. iPhone controls iPad, iPad Mini controls iPhone)

With the Single-Sync upgrade (for smaller events),
• One iOS device can synchronize and control ONE other iOS device

With the Multi-Sync upgrade (for AV professionals and large rooms),
• One iOS device can synchronize and control MULTIPLE other iOS devices

Version 1.1

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