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SOLOstudio PRO

Télécharger SOLOstudio PRO (99,99 €) sur iPhone & iPad. Cette application iOS est dans la catégorie Musique sur l’App Store.
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Version : 2.02.4

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 12.0 +

Taille : 60,95 Mo

Prix : 99,99 €

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SOLOstudio® PRO is the most intuitive show control app ever.

Ideal for theatre shows, weddings, events, hosts, sound engineers, producers, improv artists, magicians, entertainers, churches or anyone who wants simple, powerful & intuitive show control.

Simply add media from your device and immediately begin using the awesome features inside SOLOstudio® PRO to control your show, including…

• Audio & Audio from URL cues!
• Create groups
• Multiple shows
• Fade in / out cues
• Loop
• Override
• Delay
• Advanced track Trim
• Auto play next cue / group
• Independent cue volume control
• Infinite cues with infinite scroll
• Play / Pause toggle
• Import / Export shows & transfer between devices
• Master fade out (Panic)
• Layer cues to create mixed output
• Set default track settings
• Drag & drop track ordering
• Multitasking compatible (split screen)
• Logarithmic audio control
• 40+ Video tutorials

With ‘tap to play’ track tiles, SOLOstudio® PRO couldn’t be simpler to use.


Supercharge SOLOstudio® PRO with SOLO®, our next-gen RFID show cue hardware.

By connecting your SOLO® device to SOLOstudio® PRO you now have the power to control all of your show cues without ever touching a button. Start and stop cues, trigger specific cues and more with SOLO®, our next-gen show control system. For the first time ever, performers can live curate their show, simply by performing their show!

With SOLO® & SOLOstudio® PRO you can…

• Assign RFID tags to cues & groups
• Cue your music with RFID tags hidden in objects, your environment & person
• Get instant cue feedback notifying you of successful cue
• Master fade out with a simple gesture
• Control specific cues
• Customise SOLO® setup
• Play any cue, in any order!

PLUS EXTRA PRO FEATURES (for use with SOLO® hardware)

• DOUBLE TAP allows you to start & stop tracks with the same RFID tag. And with a smart safety function built in, if the track is playing the RFID tag needs to be in range of SOLO for more than 2 seconds to stop/fade out the track. This is game-changing-ly brilliant.

• PERFECT TIMING is like having your very own sound engineer giving you the thumbs up. When a cue delay & Perfect Timing are enabled, SOLO will count you down from 3,2,1 & GO via haptic and visual feedback so you always have perfect timing. Ideal for solo performers, double acts and theatres when precise cueing is imperative. Makes you look like a pro.

• LEVEL SHIFT allows you to ‘duck’ sound levels to a pre set minimum and then raise it back up, toggling between the two states with the same RFID tag scan.

• GO MODE is exactly what it says on the tin. Control your entire show, completely hands off and with only one RFID tag. Jump to the next track, layer tracks and auto fade out tracks with the same RFID tag. This is the famous ‘Gobutton’ system taken to another level with SOLO.

• PLAY/PAUSE TOGGLE allows you to do just exactly that with a single RFID tag scan. Toggle between the two states to pause and play tracks on command.

SOLOstudio® PRO takes SOLOstudio® to the next level by utilising the full capabilities of SOLO® hardware for a truly professional solo show control experience.

*SOLO® hardware is available separately from our website

Version 2.02.4

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Improved import/export
Minor bug fixes
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