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Compteur Glucides Diabète

Télécharger Compteur Glucides Diabète (4,99 €) sur iPhone & iPad. Cette application iOS est dans la catégorie Médecine sur l’App Store.
Compteur Glucides DiabèteCompteur Glucides DiabèteCompteur Glucides DiabèteCompteur Glucides DiabèteCompteur Glucides DiabèteCompteur Glucides DiabèteCompteur Glucides DiabèteCompteur Glucides DiabèteCompteur Glucides DiabèteCompteur Glucides Diabète

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Version : 3.5.7

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 11.0 +

Taille : 96,29 Mo

Prix : 4,99 €

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It is not easy for a diabetic to organize meals. Especially knew, unknown products and their effects on blood sugar levels are often hard to assess and so we all fall into this dull habit of eating the same things – day in, day out.
But finally, this carb counting app will help you break free of boring routines and make new foods, cooking or simply eating out so much easier to enjoy!

Counting carbohydrates is a good solution for many people with diabetes, not just those taking insulin. The International Diabetes Association recommends “carb counting as an [effective] meal planning technique for managing blood glucose levels”.

This app was specifically designed for diabetics (type 1 & type 2) and aims to make the whole process even easier. Its database contains thousands of popular foods, it lets you set your own serving sizes with the swipe of your finger and adds calorie information if you struggle with the weight management part.
It has powerful sort- and filter features to make transparent what is healthy and strives to present food alternatives for more variety and meal diversity. Even a complete meal planning solution is currently under development, so you can soon go completely paperless.

Once you learn how to count carb units, you’ll find it easy to fit a much larger variety of foods into your meal plan. This app will open up options you never knew you had!

Traditionally, diabetics count the total amount of carbohydrates in their food which is difficult to keep track off and makes products hard to compare.
If you count carb units instead, very different types of food will become easy to compare – regardless of their weight / serving sizes. So knowing two products have 1 CU (carb unit) is ideal for making quick decisions on what is recommendable to eat.

160 g of fresh strawberries and 25 g of french fries from a large fast food company (roughly half the size of a small portion) contain the exact same amount of carbohydrates, that is 15 g or exactly 1 carb unit (CU).

So having a CU table is great for food comparison and product substitution.

Traditionally, 1 carb unit = 15 grams of carbohydrates.
However, we all have different needs and our bodies may tolerate more or less carbs at different stages. Therefore you can adjust personal carb units from 5 gram to 18 gram of carbohydrates and the app will do all the calculations for you!

If you take insulin, you can set 1 CU to your preferred amount of carbohydrates. So in the future, you will know exactly how many shots you will need with each carb unit of food you consume.

=> Carb units & calories for thousands of food choices
=> Adjustable carb unit calculation (5g – 18g carbohydrates per CU)
=> Quick, paperless solution to search and find the right foods
=> Simple serving size calculator
=> Save personal serving sizes for any product
=> Save regional foods & personal favorites
=> Create & sort lists by nutrient, ascending or descending
=> Nutrient filter to optimize your meal planning
=> AirPrint & VoiceOver support

Version 3.5.7

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