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Perfect Tempo

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Perfect TempoPerfect TempoPerfect TempoPerfect TempoPerfect TempoPerfect TempoPerfect TempoPerfect TempoPerfect Tempo

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Version : 33.1

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 13.0 +

Taille : 19,32 Mo

Prix : 4,99 €

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From the makers of the award winning Just Press Record comes Perfect Tempo, the app which lets you speed up or slow down songs on your iPhone without affecting pitch.

It’s an ideal practice tool for musicians and dancers. Play along or dance to songs at the speed you want without losing fidelity.

Play songs you own from your iPhone’s Music Library or from iCloud Drive, Dropbox and other cloud services. (Please note that songs from streaming services such as Apple Music or Spotify are not supported).

You can even change the tempo of any of your recordings made in Just Press Record!


Learn songs at your own speed.

Repeat any section of the song to practice a particular passage.

Rip your backing track CDs and play along to them at your own speed.


Practice your routine at the speed you want.

Put any section of the music on repeat to learn complicated steps.


• Fine control over playback tempo in 1% increments with a simple slider.

• Direct access to all the songs you own and already have in your iPhone’s Music Library (Apple Music songs are not supported).

• Import backing tracks and other audio files stored on cloud services such as iCloud Drive and Dropbox.

• Direct access to all your recordings made in our app Just Press Record.

• Repeat the whole song or just one section to make practicing tricky sections easier.

• Quickly access your ‘Recently Played’ songs.

• Use your Apple Watch to control tempo, volume and repeat right from your wrist.

• AirPlay support for output to wireless speakers or Apple TV.

• Dark Mode support.

• Change the key (transpose up or down) of locally stored DRM-free songs imported into the app or from your iPhone’s Music Library. (Missing the pitch controls from the last version? Re-enable them in the Settings app > Perfect Tempo. Then swipe left on the album artwork when playing a song).

Version 33.1

Changements récents
Version 33.1:
Fixes a bug where certain playlists from the Music app would not be displayed.

Version 33.0:
As of iOS 15.4, Apple Music content is only allowed to be played at normal speed. It is no longer technically possible for apps to adjust the playback speed of songs from the Apple Music catalog. As a result, Perfect Tempo will not display or play Apple Music content when running on iOS 15.4 or later.

Songs downloaded from the iTunes Store, ripped from CDs or imported directly into Perfect Tempo remain unaffected and can still be played at any speed.

Apple Music content is still available in Perfect Tempo when the app is run on iOS versions up to iOS 15.3.1.

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