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Analog Digital Clock

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Analog Digital ClockAnalog Digital ClockAnalog Digital ClockAnalog Digital ClockAnalog Digital Clock

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Version : 2.2

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 11.0 +

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#1 Utility / #2 overall in Holland!

This clock was made by videoing someone actually painting the time! He’s inside your phone with a bucket of paint and manually changes the digits on an old-school digital clock.

The “Analog Digital” app is the next installment in Dutch designer Maarten Baas’ “Real Time” series. His works cross the fields of art, design, theatre and performance. The anonymous digital clock becomes a performance as each minute is being hand painted by a hidden man “in” the clock.

Real Time caused a sensation in the design world, and won several international design awards. Other clocks in the series are exclusive limited editions in the collections of museums and private collectors worldwide, but the Analog Digital app is now available in the palm of your hand! Some people even buy an iPod and mount it on the wall just to have this clock :-)

– Designed by Maarten Baas, Design Miami’s Designer of the Year 2009.

– The movie was shot in the Netherlands.

– Optionally disable the iPhone screen-lock to leave the clock running.

– Auto-rotating Portrait and Landscape modes.

– It’s a 12-hour clock – it would be cruel to force the actor to do 24 hours!

– The normal iPhone alarm can be set and works while the app is open. Note, this clock does not have an alarm, because an “app alarm” only works while the app is open, and the iPhone alarm works anytime the phone is on.

– You can play your iTunes music collection in the background while the app is running.

– The time is always accurate; immediately when you open the app, also when you leave it running for days.

– The concept of the clock is to watch time in a different way. The numbers take time to be made. This means that there are moments that the numbers are not yet ready – the man draws the time for you “while-u-wait!”

– Compatible with all iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch models.

Version 2.2

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