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NDI Monitor

Télécharger NDI Monitor (11,99 €) sur iPhone & iPad. Cette application iOS est dans la catégorie Photos et vidéos sur l’App Store.
NDI MonitorNDI MonitorNDI MonitorNDI MonitorNDI Monitor

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Version : 5.30

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 9.2 +

Taille : 7,76 Mo

Prix : 11,99 €

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Professional NDI Monitor from global IP Video leaders Sienna.

NDI sources on your local subnet are presented in a pop up menu to select, when you tap on the screen. If you enter additional ‘NDI Access’ IP Addresses from other subnets into the system prefs panel for NDI Monitor, those NDI sources may also be accessed. Includes support for NDI Discovery server (see app settings), resolution control, video flip for autocue and control of NDI network Protocol for reliability.

Notes: A very stable WIFI connection, or a wired ethernet connection are required for smooth playback of NDI Streams. Using a directional WIFI antenna and using the sweet spot of your wifi can help. If you experience glitching of audio or dropped video frames, the problem is very likely a wifi connection which is insufficiently stable to support smooth NDI video to iOS – in this case please try a wired ethernet to lightning adaptor.

You should not expect perfect performance when selecting Hi Resolution NDI – which is offered as an experimental mode for users with very fast devices, on very fast, clean network connections. In some cases you may see great results in hi res.

There are preferences in the System Settings app for NDI Monitor to setup application options. You can also use the app NDI Scanner as a stream selector – it will open NDI Monitor when you click on a selected stream.

NB. This app does not support NDI | HX1 format streams – only full NDI format and NDI HX2

Version 5.30

Changements récents
Improved display of sources with Alpha
Fix for skewed images with certain odd resolutions.
NDI 5.1.0
4.1/5 - (121 votes)

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