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Tactical NAVTactical NAVTactical NAVTactical NAVTactical NAVTactical NAVTactical NAVTactical NAVTactical NAVTactical NAV

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Version : 3.9.4

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 12.4 +

Taille : 39,99 Mo

Prix : 9,99 €

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Built from the ground up in the rugged mountains of eastern Afghanistan, Tactical NAV comes from the mind of a U.S. Army Field Artillery officer who had a vision of creating a low-cost and highly accurate mobile tactical navigation platform built specifically for military service members.

Tactical NAV’s journey began in the notorious Pech River Valley of Kunar Province, Afghanistan.

U.S. Army Capt. Jonathan J. Springer, a Fire Support Officer with the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), who was on his third combat deployment, began developing the tactical navigation platform following the memorial services for Spc. Blair D. Thompson and Spc. Jared C. Plunk, who were killed in action on June 25, 2010.

After pitching the idea and being turned away by the Department of Defense on multiple occasions, Captain Springer remained resolute in his mission to continue developing Tactical NAV — even to this day. His ultimate goals were (and still are) to make a difference for other Soldiers and honor the men and women who were killed and wounded in battle.

He ended up using his life savings to continue moving forward with the Tactical NAV project, all with the ultimate hope of saving military lives and helping his fellow service members accomplish their mission at home and abroad.

Tactical NAV officially launched on the App Store on February 14, 2011.


Tactical NAV’s mission is to provide military service members a low-cost, highly accurate, and exceedingly powerful mobile tactical navigational solution.


Our vision is to assist and support our nation’s service members with their mobile navigational needs and further enable them to operate and win during Multi-Domain Operations (MDO).


Tactical NAV’s performance is on par with the AN/PSN-13 Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR), and it has the feedback to prove it.


Purpose-built by Soldiers and created to save military lives, Tactical NAV was the very first MGRS-focused app on the App Store. It has proven to be effective across a multitude of environments all throughout the world.

Tactical NAV has been successfully evaluated against other software platforms and devices such as JCR, BFT, JBC-P, Nett Warrior, ATAK (and many others). Its accuracy is within 1-to-3 meters of these officially approved systems issued by the Department of Defense.


Tactical NAV contains in-app purchases (IAPs) and subscriptions. Currently, tactical drawing mode is available as an in-app purchase, and offline mapping is also available to users as either a monthly or yearly subscription. All revenue generated from these features goes towards further developmental coding and updates, and a portion of all proceeds are donated to charities that specifically benefit disabled veterans.


• A military-quality precision targeting platform
• Purpose-built for the individual Soldier
• Offline mapping capabilities (complete usage of the TACNAV platform with no emission of a cellular signal)
• WGS 84 standard (MGRS, UTM, BNG, and USNG coordinates)
• Tactical drawing mode (e.g., useful for Joint Fires planning, creating overlays, route planning, and so forth)
• Waypoint plotting functionality with military graphics (per FM 1-02.2)
• Compass “FastLock” function for capturing quick azimuths
• Snap and save photographs onto the main map for intelligence purposes and AARs
• Location, waypoint, and photo sharing capabilities (via email and text)
• One-button night mode function for low-light situations
• “Go to Grid” option for intelligent pinpoint planning and drawing of overlays
• Created and tested to ensure utmost accuracy and reliability
• iOS native code built for austere and contested environments
• And so much more!!!


The Department of Defense does not endorse Tactical NAV, nor should it be used in life-threatening or combat situations in place of a government-issued device.

Version 3.9.4

Changements récents
Thank you for supporting Tactical NAV, everyone. I sincerely appreciate it. Here’s what’s new in this version:

• Additional gridline improvements
• Speed & stability enhancements
• Security & encryption upgrades
• Overall app refinements
• Numerous bug fixes


Dear Friends and Users,

Bottom line up front, thank you for supporting Tactical NAV. I genuinely couldn’t do this without you, and I truly mean that.

In this latest update, we’ve made additional refinements to the gridlines, enhanced security and encryption within the app, and fixed numerous bugs from the previous release. Also, I’m tracking there are other issues that I need to take care of, and I promise we are working on them now.

Moreover, if you find any bugs or problems with this current version, please send me an email (or message me) and include detailed feedback so I can rapidly address the complexities in the code. I’ll make sure things get taken care of as quickly as possible. I give you my word.

Also, if you ever need anything or have questions or issues, please email me directly at [email protected]

As always, thanks for all the support, everyone. May God bless and protect you, please stay safe, and take care!

– Jon

“Always in the Arena!”

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