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7Links IP Cam Remote

Télécharger 7Links IP Cam Remote (0,99 €) sur iPhone & iPad. Cette application iOS est dans la catégorie Utilitaires sur l’App Store.
7Links IP Cam Remote7Links IP Cam Remote7Links IP Cam Remote7Links IP Cam Remote7Links IP Cam Remote7Links IP Cam Remote7Links IP Cam Remote7Links IP Cam Remote7Links IP Cam Remote7Links IP Cam Remote

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Version : 1.13

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 6.0 +

Taille : 57,14 Mo

Prix : 0,99 €

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The perfect partner for your IP camera from 7links and Somikon! With this application you conveniently access the camera via your own network or internet – from nearly everywhere in the world! Quick and easily you can check that everything at home is okay and even remote control your camera’s settings.

Features (differ depending on camera)
– Control pan/tilt/zoom speed
– Load and save camera positions
– Patrol mode automatic or manual
– Pre-set patrol mode
– Motion detection & events
– Zoom control optical/digital
– Fullscreen function
– OSD menu can be deactivated
– Integrated image processing within the app
– Send pictures via email
– Mirror images, resolution, fps, brightness, contrast
– Regulate infrared/control lamp
– Change alarm preferences
– Access & Error log
– Display data usage / traffic
– Security through PIN code
– Import/export with iTunes file sharing
– iPhone & iPad Version
– support http and secure https connections
The app should support every 7Links ip camera .
Compatible with the following cameras (incl. order number at pearl.de)

• 7Links NX-4207 (IPC-750.HD), NX-4209 (IPC-850.FHD), NX-4275 (IPC-800.FHD), NX-4275-919 (IPC-800.FHD), NX-4275-944 (IPC-800.FHD), NX-4284-944 (IPC-380), NX-4336 (IPC-280.HD), NX-4341(IPC-720.HD, PX-1069-958 Robocam II, PX-1179-909 Robocam III, PX-1279-909 Robocam IV, PX-3614-671, PX-3614-675, PX-3614-909 (IPC-710IR), PX-3615-671, PX-3615-675, PX-3671-671, PX-3671-675, PX-3675-671, PX-3675-675, PX-3675 (IPC-720.HD), PX-3677-671, PX-3677-675, PX-3688-909 (IPC-430), PX-3690-675 (IPC-631.HD), ‘PX-3719 (IPC-770.HD), PX-3720 (IPC-760.HD), PX-3722 (IPC-765.VGA), PX-3723 (IPC-755.VGA), PX-3737 (IPC-770.HD), PX-3744 (IPC-440.HD), PX-3755 (IPC-240.HD), PX-3760 (IPC-260.HD), PX-3761 (IPC-340.HD), PX-3762 (IPC-260.HD), PX-3775 (IPC-780.HD), PX-3786 (IPC-730.HD), PX-3787 (IPC-400.HD)

• Somikon AC-640.wifi (PX-8277-675)

• Freetec PX-8319

Version 1.13

Changements récents
This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

New Features:
MultiView> various layout templates with different image sizes (see app settings)

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