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Pop ArtPop ArtPop ArtPop ArtPop ArtPop ArtPop ArtPop ArtPop ArtPop Art

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Version : 3.0.1

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 9.0 +

Taille : 29,33 Mo

Prix : 3,49 €

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Pop Art transforms photos into authentic-looking 2X2 or single frame Pop Art paintings in the Warhol style. Pop Art uses photos snapped from your camera or from your device’s photo libraries. With ‘Warhol Silkscreen’ a color layer is first approximated by an algorithm that actually paints your photo in the style of Warhol leveraging Apple’s advanced face detection. You then touch it up to your liking and blend it with a screen layer using different blend modes, contrast and threshold settings for different compelling Pop Art effects. Continue working on a single frame or 2X2 canvas to edit the colors or select one of the 13 custom presets based on famous works and artists. Or save your own custom preset for future use. When satisfied save or share your artwork.

Two other cool themes are included: Obama HOPE and Posterize. For the Obama HOPE theme, first vary the highlights, mid-tones and shadows using two sliders. Color correction is provided to vary the colors evenly across the photo especially useful for too light, too dark or low contrast photos. An interpolate mode interpolates the mid-tone colors while leaving the darkest and lightest colors bold. Edit the poster caption to create an authentic-looking Obama HOPE poster.

For the posterize theme, vary the colors as you do for Obama HOPE then continue working on a single frame or 2X2 canvas and edit the colors to your liking.

– utilizes new iOS 11 features advanced face detection and super-retina display
– optimized for iPhone X, 8 and iPads also backwards compatible for other devices
– eight different blend modes to blend color layer with screen layer for cooler effects
– three new super cool and fun themes: Warhol Silkscreen, Obama HOPE and Posterize
– color correction and interpolate mode for Obama HOPE and Posterize
– vary threshold and contrast settings for Warhol Silkscreen
– edit six different colors per frame , use 13 different built-in color presets based on famous works and artists, save your own custom preset
– view/save/share high resolution Pop Art posters
– both single frame as well as 2X2 canvases supported

Join the facebook group to check out other’s art and share your artwork with others.

Version 3.0.1

Changements récents
This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

– transforms photos into awesome authentic-looking 2X2 Pop Art paintings in the Warhol style
– uses a combination of iOS 11 A.I. face detection and user-interaction to create compelling pop art
– some minor bug fixes and text changes

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