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Version : 1.52

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 7.0 +

Taille : 8,49 Mo

Prix : 14,99 €

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Sound your best with Professional Live Track Playback for the iPad AND iPhone

Playback your audio tracks at the touch of a button. Great for musicians, bands, traveling singers, live audio engineers and even radio and television production work.

Key features:
– Instantly play back audio files with the press of a button
– Drag and drop cue buttons to rearrange cues quickly
– Playback stops after the track is finished, waiting on your next cue
– Pressing a new playback button immediately stops the current song and begins playing the new track

– Supports bluetooth and AirPlay (*AirPlay does not support fadeout feature)

– Easily manage 125 cue buttons
– Find your songs fast with an intuitive song library browser
– Control playback with stop, pause/play buttons and custom fade times (custom fade times coming soon to the iPhone)
– Jump to any point in a song using the play bar
– Monitor your song with count-up and count-down timers

Support for iTunes File Sharing (in addition to iPod library support)
– Quickly transfer and store your audio directly in the app over USB
– Your transferred audio is played back in exactly the same format you saved it in
– Uncompressed audio stays uncompressed! (Supports .wav)
– Email us if you have File Sharing questions ([email protected])

Song library browser
– The interface has been optimized to quickly assign songs to play buttons
– The library browser can be “locked”, keeping it on screen while you assign multiple buttons
– Slide the library window left or right with a “swipe”!
– The browser keeps your place in the library even when it’s put away picking up right where you left off

*Supports DRM-free iPod files and iTunes File Sharing (including .wav files)

Have questions or comments about SoundCue? Email us at [email protected]
We would love to know how SoundCue is working for you and what we can do to make it better.

Version 1.52

Changements récents
This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

+ FIXED: iOS 10 Media Library Permissions – SoundCue now checks to make sure iOS 10 is allowing permission to read your music library. If not, you’ll see a message letting you know how to fix it!
+ ADDED: The “fade out” button highlights when a fade is happening.

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