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MemoCal mini

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MemoCal miniMemoCal miniMemoCal miniMemoCal miniMemoCal mini

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Version : 2.8.0

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 10.0 +

Taille : 24,20 Mo

Prix : 1,19 €

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MemoCal mini is a handwritten calendar app optimized for the iPhone. It has become an easier and enjoyable calendar that still keeps the intuitive and simple user interface featured in MemoCal lite and MemoCal Plus versions for the iPad.

Using it is very simple. Tap on a day shown in the calendar screen to expand a cell. Then hand write directly into it. You can also use any of the ten prepared functions to easily create your own original calendar. You can paste in photos, enter text in tags, and decorate nicely with icons and wallpaper.


100 icons are ready for use. They are simple icons suitable for various purposes such as dragging and placing on photos and using as shortcuts to schedules.

-text tag-
You can enter text on a tag. Four colors of tags are available to use as you want. To use, simply drag a tag and press the expand button to enter text. Press [[[Done]]] to save and display the entered text.

You can set up photos taken by your camera as backgrounds for the days of your calendar.

-photo icon-
You can paste your iPhone gallery photos as icons and can enlarge, shrink, or rotate them.

-photo background-
You can arrange your iPhone gallery photos as background. You can move each photo to its best position and press SET to arrange it there.

-background color-
You can choose from among five background colors.

Ten original wallpaper designs are prepared.
You can work with them, then use them as you see fit.

You can go back up to five times with a pen and an eraser.

You can zoom the screen by double-tapping or pinching out. This is handy if you want to write a lot of text.

You can send screens by tweeting or by e-mail and you can save a screen to the camera roll.

Default settings:

-Holiday : You can set holidays for up to ten countries.

-Display Sleep : You can set up a sleep setting.
* Please be careful not to run out of electric power when it is OFF.

-Pen : You can set the pen color and size.

-Eraser : You can set the eraser size.

-Function : You can set the function.


Produce&Design: Plusryu
Programming: HaL Engineering

Version 2.8.0

Changements récents
bug fixed.
4/5 - (138 votes)

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