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Version : 4.1.0

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 11.0 +

Taille : 79,45 Mo

Prix : Gratuit

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The Audanika turns your smartphone or tablet into a unique digital musical instrument. Touch the screen and create beautiful melodies, including accompaniment.


Do you compose music?
Use Audanika as a unique MIDI controller that gives you intuitive access to chord and melody composition.

Do you work with children?
E.g., in a family, school, or daycare center? With Audanika, kids can play famous birthdays, children’s, or folk songs. As a music teacher, you can use Audanika to dive into the basics of music theory.

Are you a believer?
Then you will surely like the new album with international chorales. Play well-known hymns like “Amazing Grace” or “Holy, Holy, Holy” in a simple way.

Do you want to make others happy?
Then rehearse “Happy Birthday” or one of the other songs and surprise your loved ones with creative music.


Audanika free of charge without any restrictions of features. Why? Because we want to give people, especially children and young people, a positive introduction to active music-making. That is what we are burning for!

The development of Audanika is financed by paid albums with songs to play. We would be happy if you would buy one or more of these albums and thus support the further development of Audanika.

But don’t worry: Each album also contains free songs. You and your fellows can start without any hurdles.


Feel free to take a look at the Audanika Youtube channel. There you will find videos explaining all significant parts of the app.


If you like Audanika, we would appreciate a good review.
If something needs to be added or fixed, feel free to email [email protected].


In summary, Audanika is a unique musical instrument that awakens the joy of making music, illuminates music theory and harmony from a whole new perspective, integrates people in musical processes, and provides new possibilities for emotional expression and non-verbal communication.

Version 4.1.0

Changements récents
* Added three new albums with international carols and children’s songs and one with German folk songs.
* Audanika is now even more user-friendly: free songs are displayed at the top of the respective albums.
* Fixed: After changing the key, some songs did not fit in the play area anymore.
* Fixed: After restarting the app, the play points of songs were gone.
4.1/5 - (152 votes)

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