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Voxel Max – 3D Modeling

Télécharger Voxel Max – 3D Modeling (9,99 €) sur iPhone & iPad. Cette application iOS est dans la catégorie Graphisme et design sur l’App Store.
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Version : 1.4.46

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 14.0 +

Taille : 163,53 Mo

Prix : 9,99 €

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Make your own awesome 3D creations with the most advanced voxel editor available on mobile.
Voxel Max makes creating professional level voxel art easy and fun. The sleek and intuitive interface is easy to master whether you’re a 3D game developer, a digital artist, or a kid with a huge imagination.
Build whatever you can see in your mind’s eye. Use AR to bring your creations to life, or export them to a variety of different formats. Make beautiful art for the metaverse, create assets for game development, or just design for fun!

Voxel Max – Features

• The only mobile voxel editor that adheres to Apple’s sleek UX standards
• Fill out a massive 256x256x256 build area with real time material rendering
• Create using up to 2040 materials, pick from 255 colors, change texture and apply effects at the microscopic level
• Paint with SDF brushes for hyper-fast building
• Adjustable pressure sensitivity, control brush size and color
• Kickstart your projects with an extensive library of prefab voxel assets like pre-made people, furniture, trees & vegetation, architecture, and more
• See your voxel creations come to life around you using AR with your iPhone or iPad camera
• Share as PNG, Voxel Max Asset Pack, SCNZ, DAE, FBX, GLTF, OBJ, STL and USDZ.
• Available as a full suite on Mac, iPad & iPhone with cloud syncing – start your projects on your phone or iPad, then finish on a desktop or laptop later on
• Zoom in to edit with precision and fine tune your creations, zoom out to see the bigger picture
• Qubicle, MagicaVoxel scene level Import & Export
• Save your own creations in the asset manager for easy cloning and scene building
• Undo all the way to document start
• Use presenter view to add backgrounds and see your entire build from the beginning as a time-lapse

Voxel Max makes it easy to build whatever you can imagine within a huge 256x256x256 3D grid. Tap to place pixels one by one, or hold and drag to add pixels in bulk.

Whether you’re a game designer making in-game assets on the go, an artist creating beautiful voxel-based scenes and landscapes for your next metaverse project, or just a hobbyist designing for fun, Voxel Max has something for you.

Use the camera on your iPhone or iPad to bring your creations to life in the world around you. Wonder what your art piece would look like sitting on your coffee table? Make it happen with AR and take a photo or video to share with others.

Voxel Max makes creating Voxel art as easy as possible, with tons of options for in-depth customization. Make whatever you want in 3D, export and show the world your creations.
Whether you’re an experienced 3D artist, or are just looking to try your hand at voxel art for the first time, Voxel Max makes getting started as seamless as possible. With tons of helpful tips for beginners, and endless tweaking options for professionals, the possibilities are endless.

Try Voxel Max today!

Version 1.4.46

Changements récents
– outline hierarchy – toggle under asset manager’s more context menu
– view filters – master objects, visible

– import/export palettes in Adobe Swatch Exchange(ase), Adobe Photoshop Color Swatch(aco), Gimp(gpl), Procreate(swatches – import only)
– color picker improvements
– dither/gradient mix modes refactory allowing all combinations – now are configurable under Range Type and Brush Texture Setting

– keyboard editable work area size
– flat work area support(z axis) with angle gradient brushes (alignment via camera orientation or iPad Pencil azimuth angle)
– guides visualizer layout changes

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