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Herbs in Magick

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Herbs in MagickHerbs in MagickHerbs in MagickHerbs in MagickHerbs in Magick

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Version : 1.1

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

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Nature has provided a veritable magical pantry in the plants which grow all over our planet. Since ancient times these plants have been used for magick.

Through the medicinal properties of plants are fairly known- many or the most widely prescribed drugs are synthesized versions of substances originally derived from plants- their occult powers are less accessible. Much of their magick still lies in of shadow of secrecy.

Our ancestors knew that plants had mysterious, magickal powers. Although the magick in herbs has been forgotten by many, it never disappeared.

If you are working on a oil, or a herbal bag, and want the herb for its scent, then work out a herb that smells similar and use that. The lists of the magickal properties for the herbs give a few options, you can use one, two, or all of those herbs if you wish to.

When you pick plants, you should always thank their spirit. Basically you are saying that you thank them for their service to you. You should only take as much of the plant as you need, and you should never pick small plants, remember to leave enough of the plant so that it can regenerate itself Some people like to leave an offering at the base of the tree/plant, something like a crystal or perhaps some organic matter to feed the plant.

The application contains information about more than 200 herbs and their magickal use. No internet connection is required to display the items.

Features: Over 200 plants and their magickal properties.
Share items with your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter or message.
Add items to favorites.
Search through the list for a specific item.

Version 1.1

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