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ACNH Travel Guide

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ACNH Travel GuideACNH Travel GuideACNH Travel GuideACNH Travel GuideACNH Travel GuideACNH Travel GuideACNH Travel GuideACNH Travel GuideACNH Travel Guide

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Version : 2023.1.1

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 13.0 +

Taille : 28,04 Mo

Prix : 4,99 €

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ACNH Travel Guide is the ultimate companion app for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It provides you with all the information you need while playing the game, and lets you track your progress as well.

This is the most complete companion app you will find. ACNH Travel Guide includes bugs, fish, DIY Recipes, furniture, clothing, fossils, sea creatures, flowers, villagers, wallpapers and floorings, art, songs, shells, tools, reactions, events, and even fruits. You can also use the app to keep a track of your daily tasks, turnip prices, and visitors. The app is very easy and fast to use, with no ads, no locked features, and no subscriptions.

You can change the names of all the items in the app to French and 9 other languages.

All information you’ll ever need on your island adventure:
– Detailed information on fish, bugs and sea creatures, so you know exactly when they are available, for how much they sell, and much more
– Browse all DIY recipes, see what they sell for and the materials needed
– Check detailed info on entire catalog, including all furniture and clothing and all their variations
– See all the information on all the villagers in the game, including their personality, birthday, and best gifts for them
– Other items you find in the app include art, flowers, fruit, reactions, posters & photos, wallpapers & floors, Nook Miles islands, and more
– Includes all items in the game, including all items of the 2.0 update

Handy tools:
– Keep a list of daily tasks to make sure you never forget to talk to your favorite village, plant a money tree, and more
– Track your turnip prices and see them visualized on a graph
– See a full list of all flower colors, including information on how to get hybrid flower colors
– A lost item guide so you can easily bring those back to their rightful owner
– Share your Dream Address with other users of the app and easily generate a new Dream Address to visit

The Home tab, all the information you need at one place:
– Quick search through all items in the app
– Track and share your progress on the critters you’ve caught, the DIY Recipes you’ve unlocked, and all other items in the app
– Quickly see what’s available to catch right now and this month, and which critters are new this month or will leave soon
– This week’s visitors
– A graph of your current turnip prices throughout the week
– Upcoming events and villager birthdays
– The current zodiac sign (for when there’s a meteor shower happening)

Fully customizable to your own needs and preferences:
– The names of all items can be shown in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian.
– Keep track of multiple islands all in this one app, and easily switch between them
– Supports both Northern and Southern Hemisphere
– Supports changing the time in the app for time travelers

Supports all the iOS features you’re looking for:
– This is a fully native app, that’s fast and feels right at home on iOS
– Dark Mode is supported for all those nightly play sessions
– A lot of Home Screen Widgets, for your progress, currently available critters, random items, and more
– All your data is synced and backed up to iCloud
– All data is available offline, so you can use the app even while you’re on the go
– The data in the app is updated regularly and downloaded automatically in the background
– Search for all items in the app right from your homescreen
– Export and share all lists as text, image, or CSV
– Support for accessibility features such as VoiceOver

Built with love by an Animal Crossing player just like you
– No ads, no locked features, no subscriptions. Pay once and use the full app forever, without any limitations.
– No (privacy-invading) data collection, and a privacy policy you’ll actually understand

Every adventurer needs a Travel Guide, and this is just the one for all New Horizons players.

This is a third-party app and not affiliated with Nintendo Co. Ltd.

Version 2023.1.1

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Hi! This is a small update that fixes a layout issue on the More tab for Max phones that was introduced in iOS 16.4.

Thanks for still using my app and for all your support!

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