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Version : 1.12.1

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 12.0 +

Taille : 50,08 Mo

Prix : 0,99 €

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TrafficCamNZ displays internet accessible pictures of Traffic Cameras all over the world. Use it for any image with a fixed URL (web address).

Images you choose as “Featured” are downloaded and setup side by side so that you can swipe across the screen to view multiple images quickly.
TrafficCamNZ works over the cellular network though it works best with WiFi because, usually, it’s faster!

TrafficCamNZ can also use the GPS features in your device to show cameras around you. Try the predictive mode that predicts where you are travelling to display the next cameras (with known GPS coordinates) on your journey.

TrafficCamNZ now contains details of more than 7000 cameras from around the world. You choose which cameras are the “featured” ones. Featured cameras are easily identified in the Library; they have a Green dot next to them.
Managing your own personal list of cameras is easy too. This can be done in two ways:
1. Enter a new camera directly on the iPhone and key in the entire URL (http://mywebsite/image.jpg) or
2. Create your own XML file for importing into the application. Instructions on how to do this are available at the support web site or by contacting the developer.

Usage Notes:
* Pictures are displayed in the order they are received unless you set the image sequence number, you can then order the images how you want them
* Check your network usage when downloading over the cellular network
* Images are not cached, if you receive an image that isn’t right (i.e. daylight when you know it is night time, that camera may not be functioning)
* Sometimes the traffic camera pictures are not up-to-date. You may see night pictures when it is supposed to be daylight or perhaps pictures don’t change. TrafficCamNZ has no control over that
* You receive updates to the camera list automatically; a check is performed every 7 days when the application starts
* Tap the image on the main window to display it full screen

* Easily flick through the loaded images with your finger – this was the original idea behind the application
* Load your own web images
* Free version available, loads up to 3 images
* Full version available, loads up to 19 images on iPhone and 32 images on iPad
* Allows XML import of camera list
* Camera list (XML Import file) can be updated from a web site – doesn’t require the release of a new application
* No advertising

Many great comments from around the world have been made about TrafficCamNZ:
* Great little app, what a time saver. I would often leave work to find the traffic all congested, now I can check before I leave and even if it gets busy I can check on the road and take a different route. I have set my own cameras and can quickly check what’s what. A real must for driving commuters, couriers or even taxi’s.
* This app works very well and is awesome if you travel a lot. Going on a road trip for work or vacation? Google the cameras for your cities, insert the URL into the app, and cameras appear
* I set it up for all the traffic cameras from Douglas County down through El Paso County (Colorado) and it works great! So well in fact, that I sprung for the paid version
* Make sure you enter in the URL’s correctly – that’s where some people mess up. What you see is basically what the traffic/weather cam sees wherever they are. They have to be viewable on the Internet first. Awesome app!
* App is very easy to use and I use it for going to work every day
* I put 2 of the most important traffic cams on the way to work and it works perfect

Version 1.12.1

Changements récents
In this version

● Stability and Performance improvements
● Fixed an issue where the first refresh after startup would fall into a black hole and need to timeout before things could work again
● Fixed main screen layout for devices with smaller screens – you really do have a refresh button now!

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