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Version : 6.0.3

Appareil : iPhone & iPad

Compatibilité : iOS 14.0 +

Taille : 14,45 Mo

Prix : 9,99 €

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The 17BII-Pro calculator is, in simple words, the most advanced and easy to use calculator available for iOS devices.
It is a modified simulation of the HP-17BII calculators by Hewlett-Packard that works in the same way, but with an extensive set of menus and enhancements to cover most of the functions generally needed by financial, business, mathematical, engineering and scientific professionals.

Financial Menu (FIN):
– TVM: Time Value of Money problems for loans, amortization schedules, mortgages, etc.
– ICNV: Interest conversion between effective and nominal rates with continuous or periodic compounding.
– CFLO: Cash Flows Calculations. NPV, i%, IRR%, NFV, MIRR, NUS, etc. over cash flows series.
– BOND: Price & Yield: with Annual or Semiannual coupons and Actual or 30/360 calendars.
– DEPRC: Depreciation calculations with DB, SOYD or SL methods and depreciation schedules.
– BSCH: Black-Scholes OVM: Calculates “Call” & “Put” options prices of European Options.

Business Menu (BUS):
– %∆,%T: Percent Change and percent total calculations.
– MRG%: Mark-Up over cost or price calculations.
– BRKEV: Break-even calculations.
– TIP%: Calculates tips over a bill and split the total amount over participants.
– CURRX: Currency Exchange. All world currencies with actual rates from google finance.
– UNITS: Units Conversion: powerful and completely customizable physical units conversion.

Statistics Menu (SUM):
– Data list entry and full screen editor.
– One variable statistics over a data-list.
– Two variables statistics between two selected data lists.
– Curve fitting with six regression models.

Date & Time Menu:
– Days between dates calculations.
– Time difference calculations.

Math Menu:
– Numeric alterations functions.
– Logarithm functions.
– Trigonometric functions.
– Hyperbolic functions.
– Angles and Rectangular-Polar conversions.
– Probability distributions (Normal, t-Student, Exponential & Weibull).

Solver Menu (SOLV):
– Equation Solver calculations to solve for any variable given the others.
– Fullscreen equation editor to create, edit and sort variables.

Scientific Menu (SCI):
– Complex Numbers: operations and functions with complex numbers.
– Curve Fitting: six regression models to fit a curve over a two selected data lists.
– Probability: cumulative and density calculations for Normal, t-Student, Exponential and Weibull distributions.
– Triangle solution to solve ASA, SAS, SSA and SSS of a plane triangle.
– Spherical Triangle to solve for AAA, AAS, ASA, SAS, SSA and SSS of a triangle in a sphere surface.
– Units Conversion: powerful and completely customizable physical units conversion.
– Universal Constants from NIST-CODATA to use in calculations.
– Vectors 3D: operations and functions with 3D vectors.

Conversions Menu (CONV): All conversions in one place.
– Angles & Polar
– Currency Exchange
– Interest Conversion
– Units Conversion.

System Menu:
– General Settings: sets all the calculator’s preferences.
– Memory Content: shows all memory content with backup and restore.
– Clear Registers: clears all storage registers.
– Data List Editor: shows data list editor.
– Help Documents: quick help cards with examples for all menus.

System requirements:
iPhone or iPad with iOS 13.0 or above.


Version 6.0.3

Changements récents
Fix an issue with iOS 14 where SOLVER calculation buttons didn’t respond to touches.
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